Are Your Keywords Making Your SEO Copy Incoherent?

Sep 22, 2004 • 2:11 pm | comments (0) by twitter | Filed Under SEO Copywriting

How many of you, have seen SEO copy like this lately?

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Came up with that myself...hehe. Anyway, I am sure some of you have seen this on multiple occasions. I get about half way through something like that and realize its no use finishing, and that I should move on to the next company. Maybe they will have a little more [creativity] in their SEO copy. Who are we trying to talk to here, the prospective client or the search engines. Or both!?

I just bought, the Robert Collier, Letter Book from Amazon this week, its like an essential must have if you are interested in copywriting. While on my kick to find out more, I came across an short article this morning by Karon Thackston, who I thought did a great job touching upon suggestions to improve the flow of your SEO copy, and avoid situations like above. She mentions:

1. Vary your terms to avoid absolutely bombarding the reader (and the engines) with the same keyphrases. 2. That *may* mean the need for longer copy *if* your target audience is one that would respond well to longer copy. 3. Breaking up that phrase will help you retain your appeal to the engines and your site visitors. 4. So, is the flow of your current copy destroyed by keywords? Are you scaring off both the engines and your visitors? One quick check can help you decide. Read your copy out loud.

Check out the article on SEO Copy and Improving the Natural Flow of It

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