SEMPO September Newsletter - Many Not Happy with Communication


I promised you more was to come after I wrote the entry here named Danny Sullivan & Chris Sherman Resign from SEMPO, and it came in the way of more posts over at HighRankings. In a thread started by Jill from HighRankings named Discuss Sempo's Sept. Newsletter, where she posts a thread discussing the latest SEMPO newsletter sent out this September (or yesterday). In the thread you will find more negative posts about SEMPO. You will find well reasoned complaints about SEMPO. You will find more unhappy SEMPO members.

Can SEMPO Win? They try to communicate and then get blasted for what is found in the communication. The thread at HighRankings talks mostly about the UK committee member who was elected. In addition, Mike Grehan points out that some of the committee members, do not even know they were committee members. I can relate to that. Early on, I offered my assistance, but I received no response. Only later did I find out that was was listed on the committee Web site as part of the education committee. I was not notified by someone at SEMPO, I found out by way of looking at my Web statistics. I found people clicking from the committee's page to my corporate site. I thought it was an oversight, maybe they told me and I forgot, or maybe they emailed me and it was caught by my spam filters. Now I am not too sure.

I still want the best for SEMPO and the SEM Industry. Don't get me wrong. :)

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