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RSS is revolutionizing the industry, Jeremy Zawodny discusses the difference between Feed Search vs. Web Search. In this entry, Jeremy discusses the challenges the Web search engines have with (1) Structured vs. Unstructured Data, (2) Frequent Updates & (3) Real-Time Pings. He ends his entry with the words "The model of "search and find" or "browse and read" will turn into "search, find, and subscribe"."

I find myself slowly switching to this model myself. I use RSS and Web Search very differently. Subscribing to a search phrase is a lot different conceptually then searching for something on the Web. A Web search normally is done, not to find information on topics that are "news related" or of daily interest to yourself. I use Web search to research topics in the past, find product information, locate company information and find specific information on a need to basis.

My RSS feeds (by the way, I use Yahoo as my RSS aggregator) is a place I go a few times throughout the day, to learn about what is new in my topics of interest. I subscribe to Jeremy's blog, I also subscribe to VersionTrack - but the "real kicker" is that I subscribe to the search phrase "search engine". Anything found that matches "search engine" in the RSS networks are found. Expanding this feature of structured data, with frequent updates will be critical.

My thoughts are that Web and Feed Search are different. They are used for different reasons and both are good on their own.

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