Google Flux - O! No! My Site is Gone! - Phew! My Site Is Back

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Experienced SEO forum members see it all the time. New posters who are new to the SEO world often join forums based on the fear of something that turns out to be the "Google Flux." A Webmaster launches a new Web site on day 1. On day 5, you can find the site in the Google index. On day 6, the site is gone. The Webmaster runs to the forums looking for advice and answers to why his/her new site was banned from Google. The common answer by a warm friendly and experienced SEO forum member:

Please do not panic. What you are experiencing is something known as the Google Flux. Often new sites and pages are included in the Google index and then dropped soon after. Don't worry, the pages will start to reappear soon.

And they do. Here is one of a thousand cases at WebamsterWorld.

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