Alternatives to the 301 Redirect

Jun 28, 2004 • 12:06 pm | comments (0) by | Filed Under SEO - Search Engine Optimization

So you don't have access to the server that runs your Web sites in order to code a 301 redirect on the Apache level. What is the best alternative to a 301 redirect in a search engine standpoint. A thread at WebmasterWorld discusses just that.

The best alternative is no redirect at all, or at least no automatic redirect.

"Where that isn't possible, the tag along with normal human-clickable <a href="" title="go to our new site"> type links also works well" says g1smd a senior member at WebmasterWorld.

I personally have used a 10 second redirect with a link saying something to the affect of, if you don't want to wait, please click here...

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