The AdSense Dilemma: To AdSense Or Not

May 11, 2004 • 4:45 pm | comments (0) by | Filed Under Google AdSense

A thread over at WebmasterWorld discusses AdSense publishers fear of being dropped as an AdSense publisher by Google. As one member tells:

My site pushes in excess of $XX,XXX.xx per month. I live in this perpetual fear like you cannot believe. The way adsense has taken off on my site blew my mind. We do roughly 750k - 1M hits per month, and I have considered quiting my job and living off of adsense, but its that fear... at any time Google can say *cya*...

The dilemma is as follows; if I do very well with AdSense on site A is it worth the risk of putting AdSense on site B? You are probably asking, "what risk?" Well, many AdSense publishers are being declined and booted after they were accepted as publishers. The reasons for them being declined can vary, but Google has full right to decline anyone at any time based on their TOS. Should a person who makes a nice amount of money risk adding AdSense to a new site with the chance that site B can raise a "flag" and cancel his or her whole account? For example, let's say site B generate low clicks and one day a trigger happy clicker stops by your site and clicks away, making it look like click fraud. Google looks at site B and then sees the low impressions and decides your not worth the time. But Google missed site A, under the same account or Google doesn't care and they boot you anyway.

What a dilemma....

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