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As you can see, the new Search Engine Roundtable design is up and out there for the public. This has been a few week process to come to this point and I am very happy with the way it turned out. The design and navigational elements of this blog represent the blog, its authors and most importantly you, the reader. As you know, the purpose behind the blog is to report on the most interesting threads taking place at the SEM forums. By enlisting some of the most recognized names at those forums, the Roundtable is able to not only report on these outstanding threads but also provide a synopsis that provides greater detail into those threads. More on the purpose in the about us section, which I still need to complete.

Now more about the movabletype blog designer - (deserves the anchor text)...

Eris, from ErisFree was the blog designer I selected. Not because of her outstanding prices but because of her talent. I reviewed her portfolio and sent several emails back and forth, then decided to give it a go. I can not tell you how great this person is. She drew up not 1 or 2 designs for me to choose from, but a total of 7, yes, 7 designs! When I told her that the design is "good enough", she came back to me asking for more details as to what was missing in my mind. "Good enough" was not acceptable to her, and you are looking at the perfect representation in design and layout for the roundtable in the eyes of the authors, readers and my eyes.

I can not stress how incredible it was to work with Eris. I have worked with many design firms and I have to say that Eris beat them all in every single way. If you are looking for an honest, skilled and professional designer, please contact Eris. It is too bad she lives in Texas, I might make her an offer to work for my company. ;)

Note: There are several sections on this site that need content, including all of the top navigation. I will update them shortly and add a comment when everything is done. Please feel free to comment on the design. Please tell me what you think works and does not work. Feel free to tell me you hate the ads on the right, I tried to make them as unobtrusive as possible by blending them in. In addition there are several components of the site that are still being worked on, including the comments text box. Feel free to comment and any issues, there is a very good chance we missed them.

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