Ranking Unwanted Pages Lower

Mar 22, 2004 • 2:37 pm | comments (0) by | Filed Under Legal Issues in Search

Situation is as follows; company A is involved in lawsuit. Lawsuit is publicized on law firms Web site. Few weeks later, when you do a search on Company A's name, law suit information comes up in rankings.

The topic was brought up at WebmasterWorld with the thread name Client wants record of old lawsuit moved down in rank.

I have had large clients that asked me to do the same because of Web sites by customers who are dissatisfied with their product/services.

This is an interesting thread. Two courses of action. First thing one can try is to call Google, but they will only take pages down that are illegal in some fashion. Second, rank multiple site's above the site you want to move down in the rankings. That is a big task and would take a lot of resources.

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