How Should I Check My Pages in Google?

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I was having a i-chat conversation with the famous DigitalPoint (Shawn Hogan) and we were discussing how we check the number of pages we have listed in Google for a specific site. We both use the command. However, most people use the command or the new popular com command. As you can see, all return slightly different results - however the and the are very similar.

In regards to DigitalPoint's and my conversation, we noted how the allinurl command tends to rank the pages in some order of importance. It might be a PageRank ranking, so I put together the listings of three major sites and the backlinks for those URLs. You will see they seem like popular pages and most have a high number of backlinks. I listed out the URL followed by the number of backlinks.apple_logo.jpg First up is Apple: 86,100 45,900 74,100 13,700 15,500 4,980 10,900 2,280 1,540 42,400

web_logo_left.gif Now for Google: 302,000 1,100 3,030 1,860 610 161,000 1,160 161,000 974 2,160

logo.gif Last but not least, CNN: 96,600 38,000 36,900 33,300 11,500 36,600 248 694 9,320 1,590

You see the gives a fair representation of the pages indexed plus orders them in a logical format.

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