YouTube Bug: No One Dislikes My Videos

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YouTubeThere is a YouTube bug where the videos show only thumbs ups (likes) and not thumbs downs (dislikes). It seems that there is this 15 second delay from when the video starts to when it shows the number of dislikes on a specific video.

For example, this popular Google Glass How To video initially shows 6,961 likes and 0 dislikes, then 15 seconds later it shows 6,515 likes and 448 dislikes.

Google's YouTube help representative, Keane, said in a YouTube Help thread that this is a known bug. He wrote:

We have been aware of an issue right now that causes every video to have 0 dislikes on the video page, though other parts of the site show another number.

Your likes/dislikes are still recorded as normal (go to or Analytics to check the accurate count). We are investigating the issue and hope to have it resolved soon.

Here is a video of this bug, please feel free to dislike the video, it won't matter right now anyway. ;-)

Forum discussion at YouTube Help.

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05/02/2013 01:44 pm

Lol :D


05/02/2013 02:16 pm

Fixed! :D

Ray Tek Boon Yao

05/02/2013 02:41 pm

i'm still having this problem. it is worse, all videos showing 100% like and it won't even change after the whole videos has finished.

Adam Plymale

05/02/2013 03:39 pm

Doesn't bother me, the feature should really just be removed entirely.


05/02/2013 04:14 pm

thank you


05/02/2013 04:18 pm

A feature that should be added to the main search listings and definitely has to stay on the video page, not removed. Helps to indicate if videos are legit or full of it.


05/02/2013 05:37 pm

So I'm guessing you believe in that "everyone's a winner" crap? Should people like reply girls be shown as universally loved?

Taxi Berlin

05/02/2013 09:42 pm

No fixed. lol ^^

Dingle Bat

05/02/2013 10:11 pm

It's fixed.


05/03/2013 08:22 am

I am here

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