YouTube Video Stuck At 301 Views? Here Is Why.

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YouTube 301 ViewsI had no idea, but there is this phenomenon with YouTube videos and the number 301. No, not a 301 redirect but 301 views. On popular videos, the video count would often hit 301 views and then stop and stay like that for up to 24 hours and then jump to thousands of views after that.

No one outside of Google/YouTube knew why it stopped at 301. There were rumors, theories but no official answer from Google themselves. That is until today.

Brady Haran posted a video named Why do YouTube views freeze at 301? with an explanation from YouTuber, Ted Hamilton.

The short answer is, YouTube decides to stop updating at that number to verify the authenticity of those clicks and future clicks. They try to eliminate "counterfeit views." Here is the video explanation on how this works:

Pretty interesting, but knowing Google, I know they can figure out a way to make this more real time. Get some of the search quality team folks over there to help out.

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Jon Barilone

06/26/2012 07:08 pm

Barry, quick question. Do answers in YouTube's Help sections count as "official Google answers"?!topic/youtube/ozp7DWQvcI8 I think the value of this video lies with the in-depth explanation of views, view counts, counterfeit views, and how YouTube verifies views. But the simple explanation of "YouTube freezes view counts around 300 to validate the count" has been around for a while now.

Barry Schwartz

06/26/2012 07:25 pm

Ah, didn't see it. I am sorry.

Nathaniel Bailey

06/27/2012 12:18 pm

Not to worry Barry, I didn't even notice they stopped at 301 and I'm sure the majority of people wouldn't even know about this without posts like yours to point it out :)

Stew Hornibrook

10/09/2012 08:25 am

So what if people start counterfeiting there views after 301 of coarse this happens then what is the magic number?

Sunil Pratap Singh

01/10/2013 10:17 am

Youtube did it to stop .. spammers ? or something else ?


01/12/2013 05:27 pm

Do it stop on 301 in one ip?


01/12/2013 05:29 pm

or is it like when you reach 301 your views do not come?

Matty Evison

02/27/2013 04:18 pm

I posted a video on the 13th of February 2013 and it got to around 250 views fairly quickly, I would say a in few days. The next day it got to 301 and since then it hasn't changed. I have got friends to view it, I have viewed it on different computers and it is still staying as 301. What's happened?

Colonal Kohler

04/15/2013 10:30 pm

same thing has happened to me on like 30 videos


04/17/2013 06:41 am

maybe cause its automatically stopped until the authenticity is confirmed but unless its a trailer or an official music video, the people in charge of validating the authenticity simply don't bother to go back and check the video


04/18/2013 10:54 am

This is because YouTube has decided the extra views aren't real. If you sit refreshing your video 500 times, you will only get 301 views in the end because YouTube verifies the extra views after 301 as not legit.


01/13/2014 06:11 am

Mine has been stuck at 301 views for 6 months already. Ridiculous.


02/10/2014 05:39 pm

How do you solve the problem?

Michael David Curley

03/08/2014 09:05 pm

The facts are all the large publishers are paid out up front anyways, and are classed as going concern, therefore rated as such. You work X big company meeting with Youtube, where promoting this artist, set amount. Therefore current popular artists will generate royalty as that. I have two video's up only, one is at 342 plays, and is ASMR related, and the other is stuck at 301, as an audio only album release. According to data, I've generated 0.03 cents, of a dollar, so let's all be aware no matter what they say, I won't be making any money. Certain one's they allow, and is my firm belief will help those internally, even if it is done by computer, so they do. Maybe around $500.00 a month to keep the good faith and, ever present reality to win, if you've got maybe 20,000 plays, or above, but it's because they let them through. Everything else is considered not worthy, or known not to be breaking grounds they can use anyways, and no different to the say UK, ITV, with that show that will advertise the photograph of a person on that social network. I used Youtube in 2005, prior to it being bought out, never had that issue, had three video's which where actually audio only, and all broke 5000 within one month? The one, even charted at number 5 in the Swedish iTunes Charts in 2011, however I'd decided to remove the audio after about 6 months, due to the realization, that I am losing money.


03/27/2014 11:18 am

This is really so fucked up. I never use YouTube for my client's promotions. I have my own video things. I'm as smart as steve jobs. LOL


06/08/2014 11:30 pm

I agree you're as smart as Steve Jobs, considering he's dead and doesn't have a functioning brain just like you.

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