Do You Like The New Yahoo Logo?

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Yahoo announced its new logo this past week and it has now been on the Yahoo properties for the past few days. You've had time to adjust to it and see how it blends into the site.

Yahoo New Logo

What do you think of it?

The folks at WebmasterWorld are not too excited about it. But seriously, do you like it? Watch the video below and then take my poll.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Emma North

09/09/2013 03:01 pm

I can't say I'm really bothered but I was definitely expecting more. I don't think there is anything stand-out about it and after all the hype and 30 days/30 logos they had a great opportunity to create something memorable. Ah well, anyway, Ya-who?


09/09/2013 08:13 pm

It's bland, just like Marissa Mayer. That yahooOOoo yodel at the end of the video no longer makes any sense, the old logo was quirky and so it worked. Now they have to come up with a new and boring sound to go with the new logo.


09/09/2013 11:32 pm

I can make another one better in Microsort Word


09/10/2013 06:02 am

Personally I don't Like :( :(


09/10/2013 10:01 am

I don't know whether saying this would be good or not but Yahoo's marketing approach in its products, services and anywhere is not good. I mean they took 30 days just to finalize this logo. This time the buzz was so widespread that I thought this time there will be some image very appealing. Believe me Google does not has competitors otherwise the SEO Market would have been more competitive and exciting. Thanks


09/10/2013 11:10 am

This new logo looks awful and shows the lack of creativity . Marissa Mayer ruined Flickr .com with the worst changes in its history and now is getting rid of an iconic logo.


09/16/2013 04:56 am

Not sure it makes any difference to me

Chitraparna Sinha

09/19/2013 05:59 am

Yes, I do but not sure how changing the logo is going to change their fortune!

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