Google: Parking Your WWW Domain Will Hurt Your Site

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No parking domainI see it way too often... A site where the www of the domain simply does not work. In some cases, the www version goes to a 404 page or a parked domain page, whereas the non www version goes to the proper site.

A Google Webmaster Help thread has a Googler saying this can be very bad for your site's performance in Google.

Gary Illyes from Google said, "it may very well affect your site in a negative way. I strongly suggest you to fix it." Gary was referring to how the non www version of his domain went to a parked domain.

Gary said:

Do you know why your domain name is parked?

This is a very bad user experience and may very well confuse our algorithms as well. If you want to serve content only on the www version of your site, it would make sense to 301 redirect to

This may be common sense for most SEOs and some webmasters, but sometimes it is good to have this documented as proof.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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Mark Aaron Murnahan

09/27/2011 12:53 pm

It would be absurd to have the root domain display nothing. As for www, it is just a subdomain like any other. If they are to display the same content, 301 is in order, as stated. As for the title claiming that www will hurt your site, that is not the case. The most important consideration is sticking with one format or the other for the "200 OK" result. I covered this topic of www or no www a while back in detail on my blog at awebguy. com. It may be worth a look.


09/27/2011 01:10 pm

Mark, do you have a URL to your topic of www or no www

Mark Aaron Murnahan

09/27/2011 01:41 pm

Not readily, here on my cell, and I didn't want to spam a link around, but googling what you just said should find it near the top. :-) It was at awebguy .com.

Michael Martinez

09/27/2011 05:19 pm

Most people are not accustomed to thinking about such stuff.  I don't think we need to be harsh about who is or isn't covering all the bases. Barry, I think in your article you mean to say "A site where the non-www" but I have not read the full discussion in the forum.


09/27/2011 09:45 pm

Very interesting insight regarding parked domain names. Google sure helps its online users. Nice one ! Ed

Gulshan Kr

09/28/2011 11:57 am

Always keep your site canonical error free. Always use www domain and park the website with www that result search engine never get confuse in its algorithm. use 301 redirection. Only best way.  


10/08/2011 10:25 am

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04/05/2012 07:31 am

How the parked domain can be useful in SEO ?

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