Matt Cutts: Yes, We Read Your Reconsideration Requests

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Google Webmaster ToolsMatt Cutts posted a video answering a question about Google reading reconsideration requests. In short, Google reads and responds virtually all reconsideration requests submitted by Webmasters.

Here is the video:

At one point, I thought maybe some of the replies were automated, but I was wrong. They may have templated responses that seem unhelpful, but those are not triggered automatically.

Here is the transcript:

0:00 today's question comes from prague
0:02 hi how r asks right now when webmaster sends a reconsideration requests
0:07 how many chances does it
0:08 have to really be read by real human
0:10 do you plan to make it possible for webmasters dancer when they get a result
0:14 back from google
0:15 great questions so whenever you're reconsideration request if you don't
0:19 have any manual action by the web's band came so there's no way that we could
0:23 do anything in that sense because it's algorithmic media determining where
0:27 you're writing
0:28 those are automatically closed out so those are looked at by a human being
0:32 but hundred-percent of all the other reconsideration requests are looked at
0:36 by a real person
0:38 we don't have the time to individually reply with the time of detail
0:41 uh... and so you know we do think about ways to be more scalable and so
0:45 understand it they might not be hata's as satisfying to get
0:48 yet we think you're ok or or no you still have issues
0:52 but that is a real human that is looking at that and generating the response that
0:55 you read back
0:57 now the second question was also interesting do you plan to make it
0:59 possible for web masters to sort of cancer
1:02 when they got a result
1:04 if we say for example no we still think there's issues with your site we hope
1:07 that you will take some time investigate that and seo
1:10 here something that i could do hear something away that i could make that
1:13 better after you make some more changes and try to improve things you can always
1:16 do another reconsideration requests and so that way you can put it back and from
1:21 that person and hopefully talk a little bit about the progress dot just like
1:25 immediately resubmitted and say well i think you are wrong
1:29 show some reasoning why google should reconsider them into action if we'd
1:33 already decided that it was justified before
1:36 we've actually been tryin are very experimental program where
1:39 when we see someone who's doing donna reconsideration requests more than once
1:43 well simple a small number of those and send those to other people to sort of
1:47 saying okay
1:48 bus to a deeper did hear you know maybe we need to send a little bit more info
1:52 or or or
1:53 or investigate
1:54 in a little more that more detail uh... it's just one of ways that we've just
1:58 been experimenting with actually been doing it for quite awhile to try to
2:01 figure out okay are there other ways that we can improve our process other
2:04 ways that we can communicate more so it's the kind of thing that we don't
2:07 guarantee that a few will appeal a couple times they don't get any sort of
2:13 uh... morgue
2:14 detailed of an answer book there are people reading all of those
2:17 reconsideration requests the one thing i would say is just because you get back a
2:22 reply that says no we still think there's issues dot just meeting the
2:25 appeal again did you do you want to try to identify the issues and if it looks
2:29 like you're not doing that then
2:31 after while we start to think well
2:33 this guy's hard-headed he he doesn't you know if he hasn't been making any
2:37 changes at all to respond to the the the sorts of stuff that we think still has
2:42 problems with the site
2:43 and at that point you know it's not as
2:45 productive just keep having that conversation but we do absolutely try to
2:50 think about how can we have a lot of
2:52 uh... response how can we not do better and a real person does look at those
2:56 reconsideration requests and we have been experimenting with different ways
2:59 to try to make the process even better

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10/25/2012 01:47 pm

Bottom line with Google is that they are rigged, they will do anything to hit next quarter's target, until they hit a wall. Anything else, recon requests, Matt Cutts videos, blog posts, links, h1s or whatever is nonsense. If Google targets your niche to make a few bucks, you are f-cked. Search is not separated by Adwords, in fact they are tightly linked. That's why after each update clicks on Google ads and earnings skyrocket. This past quarter was bad...because clicks increased by "only" 33%, last quarter it was 42%!!!! In other words, Google is shifting traffic from our sites to Adwords in a massive scale. Nothing you can do about it, until FTC and EU exposes these criminal bastards. Stop wasting time listening to Matt Cutts or to his boosters, they are here to confuse you as you get shafted. Compare your earnings to pre-Panda and and compares Google's. Case closed.


10/25/2012 01:59 pm

So your thoughts on the way reconsideration requests are processed and responded to are...


10/25/2012 02:11 pm

I have no thoughts, we only have the word of a known liar, Matt Cutts. Google is a black box, other than their earnings and webmaster bickering.


10/25/2012 04:15 pm

Are you sure you have enough tinfoil to make that gigantic hat?


10/25/2012 10:31 pm

That transcript is so bad.. was it put there for the user just for Seo?

Barry Schwartz

10/25/2012 10:32 pm

It is copied from YouTube.

The Gap Store

10/26/2012 12:19 am

does he own a button down shirt? at least dress for success if you are going to act like the FBI. its hard to take him serious when he is wearing a bullseye tshirt at 45 years old.

backside bro

10/26/2012 12:21 am

Suprised his T-Shirts dont have a place for "pencil protectors", I guess thats in his rear.


10/26/2012 01:17 pm

May be better if google will specify penalty type for website in gwt tool? Like site have a manual penalty, or penguin or panda.


10/26/2012 10:47 pm

I doubt they have. There has been a massive increase in demand for tinfoil over the past 1-2 years from wannabe webmasters/SEOs, now there is a shortage!

Peter Watson

10/29/2012 01:14 am

Matt says (2:45) 'it is not as productive to keep having that conversation', referring to a webmaster who keeps submitting a reconsideration request when they have made no effort to rectify the issues. What exactly does he mean by this? Does he mean they go to the bottom of the queue, or they are black listed and never looked at again, or they still look at the request and will only reply if they have actually made changes???

John Britsios

10/29/2012 03:14 am

I understand that they still look at the request and will only reply if they see that plenty of changes have been made.

Peter Watson

10/31/2012 03:00 am

Great idea! I can't understand why Google wouldn't want to provide that information? It seems to me that Google are more concerned about the minority (spammers, black hatters, etc) and less concerned about the ligitimate small businesses out there.

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