Are You Getting Tired Of Google's World Cup Doodles?

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click for full sizeStarting on June 12th and likely through July 13th, a full month, Google will be showcasing tons of different Google Logos, Doodles, for the World Cup. In fact, they may even change throughout the day, depending on who is playing who and at what time.

So far, we had 14 Doodles in 6 days, that is clearly two Doodles a day. At this rate, we can expect to have over 60 Doodles in a 30 day period or so!

Many searchers are feeling Doodle fatigue - are you?

Here are some complaints from the Google Web Search Help forums:

Can we move on? The soccer doodle is getting really old -- gives new meaning to the term "yesterday's news." There are a LOT of people who aren't soccer fans. How long will you monopolize everyone's browser with this game?

I could NOT agree more with you. Besides the fact the doodles are FIFA-related (which I also couldn't care less about), these doodles are actually TACKY. They look like they're done by a first-year animator learning Flash. The doodles have moved from being creative inspiration to tiresome and mundane predictability. Honestly, Google needs to severely downsize the Doodle thing because it's getting stupid. Instead they should have one maybe once every three months or something, and make it special.

The complaints go on... But I suspect most enjoy the Doodles over hating them.

Here are the Doodles we have thus far:

Google's World Cup Doodles

Google's World Cup Doodles

Google's World Cup Doodles

Google's World Cup Doodles

Google's World Cup Doodles

Google's World Cup Doodles

Google's World Cup Doodles

Google's World Cup Doodles

Google's World Cup Doodles

Google's World Cup Doodles

Google's World Cup Doodles

Google's World Cup Doodles

Google's World Cup Doodles

Google's World Cup Doodles

This goes in most recent to latest Doodle, with Belgium vs Algeria logo at the top.

Are you sick of these Doodles?

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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Cristian Sepulveda

06/17/2014 12:04 pm

Great doodles, especially the one for Chile - Australia, we won 3x1 :)


06/17/2014 12:09 pm

People complaining over things that "affect them" for less than a few seconds while they type in a search? Hard to believe!

Praveen Sharma

06/17/2014 12:34 pm

Doodles are cool... and I don't think I feel tired (or irritated) because of them..

Suraj Rai

06/17/2014 01:00 pm

I am not feeling tired because of Google's World Cup Doodles. Even it does not show in but it is seeing in Can anyone solve this mystery?


06/17/2014 02:18 pm

Google haters will complain about ANYTHING Google related.


06/17/2014 02:55 pm

The people complaining literally have no life! Why in any way would this affect them?


06/17/2014 03:01 pm

Soccer is lame. Quite Boring. Horribly awful.


06/17/2014 03:43 pm

I am tired of G$$gle Do a search for images in "g$$gle" and compare with that of BING In second line, right side, of Google you see topless nipple woman, well endowed brunette. I have censored the search for minors, something G$$gle doesn't do and thrives on the porn industry

Yo Mamma

06/17/2014 03:46 pm

I am tired of G$$gle Do a search for images in "g$$gle" and compare with that of BING In second line, right side, of Google you see topless nipple woman, well endowed brunette. I have censored the search for minors, something G$$gle doesn't do and thrives on the porn industry


06/17/2014 05:47 pm

Some people will complain about anything. I love the doodles. And so far Paul is clearly the best may he RIP


06/17/2014 08:55 pm

What does that have to do with anything relate to this post? Did google steal your lunch money or something. Quit whining about them.

Yo Mamma

06/17/2014 10:04 pm

I posted it because we are on the subject of being TIRED OF GOOGLE. As a bonus, I received a slobbering, brown-nosing, butt kissing, question from yet another UNINFORMED G$$gler Thanks JAMES From Yo Mamma PS> Did you see the nipples? How could you miss - OMG! G$$gle is all about nerds getting off onto cleenex squares


06/18/2014 12:06 am

The bird one was the most annoying. Fathers day was probably the best one.


06/18/2014 01:35 am

Funny how they can waste like 60 doodles on this crap that virtually no Americans care about, but won't even post one measly doodle for most American holidays or other cherished events.


06/18/2014 01:44 am

Doodles in general are getting annoying on google. It used to be that whenever they did one, it was a special thing. Now they have a new one every day and it's just old.


06/18/2014 05:21 am

Please stop the google world cup doodles that reveal the result of the games. I and my co workers are complaining because we record the games to watch after work and we would like not to have the spoilers in the doodles before we see the games! The other option is for us to stop using the google search engine!

Gaurav Srivastava

06/18/2014 05:34 am

@rustybrick:disqus Add a Poll and then we can get clear picture what peoples think about that! They are actually tired, or they're enjoying.

Donzay Stone

06/18/2014 07:11 am

Google is getting hyped up about the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil, and is marking the tournament with a unique Doodle for each day. The Google Doodle is one of the most popular features of the search engine, and the internet giants decided to honor Paul the Octopus today. Paul the Octopus is the latest Doodle to the World Cup bandwagon on Google. Paul is an animal oracle that predicted Germany’s International tournament matches, and more popularly the finals of the last edition of the World Cup between Spain and the Netherlands. Paul the Octopus died in 2010 aged two and half years, the average lifespan of a common octopus.


06/18/2014 10:42 am

Did you not get the memo which told you that the whole world didn't revolve around America? What would really be a waste would be if they did one for things 90% of the world aren't interested in like the Superbowl or World Series


06/18/2014 10:47 am

This just goes to show you how miserable some people are. Complaing over the DOODLES? Really? I'd bet good money most of them are Americans. I hope they get knocked out of the tournament soon so they can take their inane whining back to handegg or whatever that monstrosity of a sport they play is called.


06/18/2014 02:31 pm

No Americans care about? Almost everyone I know is following to some extent, and at least half of my co-workers are REALLY into it. I even have a co-worker who is in Brazil for two weeks for it. It's way bigger than the Olympics even


06/18/2014 02:35 pm

Then don't use it? I thought this article was about World Cup doodles

Yo Mamma

06/18/2014 05:46 pm

You probably planted a feather and thought a chicken would grow. If you notice something as obviously evil as you did Hitler, but you did nothing to stop him, why wouldn't you now keep quiet about something as evil as G$$GLE? Keep quiet again? You're one confused sob


06/19/2014 04:08 am

You are lame. You are pretty boring and a dummy who does not know how to enjoy soccer.


06/19/2014 05:24 am

NO, of course no.

Have a Nice Day

06/19/2014 05:59 pm

I was sick of this typical over enthusiastic liberal/Left "celebration" of the most unimportant vacuous subjects like a woman artist thats been dead for a hundred years, just to score points for it's Leftist Agenda... The Liberal/Left/Marxist/Globalists ,that usually Hate Atheletes ,which they have traditionally have dripping Contempt for ,calling them "Jocks",infering they are Stupid, and therefore useless as allies for the Left,are over the Moon about the World Cup ,since it is a Gobalist /Multicultural/Multiracial/Multiethnic One Worlder Event.


06/19/2014 07:17 pm

Yeah, how dare Google, an American company, celebrate American culture? Typical liberal condescension and vacuity.

W. B.

06/19/2014 08:02 pm

We don't hate athletes; we just think they are thick. It's a simple assessment. That's all.


06/19/2014 08:49 pm

It's not so much that I'm tired of Google Doodles, it's simply that, as a (self-diagnosed) sufferer of ADD, they form a much too available distraction! :) I'll need to find an add on that gets rid of them once and for all.


06/19/2014 11:57 pm!msg/websearch/tUG71KVIi3I/nq4DV5dp34wJ See above for how to rid yourself of this annoyance.

Smarten up Yourself.

06/20/2014 01:09 am

An Arrogant, and typically wrong idea from the Liberal/Left...


06/20/2014 03:05 am

Certainly not enough of them are Americans. For my part I hope we get knocked quickly out of the tournament too and that the grief drives the entire team and all its fans to an expeditious mass suicide.


06/20/2014 05:31 am

Ah... But we know who the real dregs are. Did poor W.B. get beat up in the schoolyard as a kid? Never got over it, did you? Just remember - your children will have to exist in the hellhole of ignorance you iconoclastic emptyheads have created. Now THAT's thick. Enjoy.


06/20/2014 08:15 am

Almost makes me go to bing.


06/20/2014 11:16 am

You are lame. Learn to accept some people have different opinions than you, RETARD! I think soccer is so fucking boring, and you must be boring too. And you think soccer is amazing or whatever. There are milions out there who thinks soccer sucks, just like there are who think it's awesome. So shut the fuck up and learn to accept other people's opinion without insulting them. Bitch!


06/20/2014 04:52 pm

They're so.. innacurate. G and o should be destroyed buildings or structures. Second o should be a protester getting beaten to a pulp. g should be a riot cop. l should be a wall making a shadow for the riots. And e shoult be the one guy who actually enjoys the events.


06/20/2014 09:06 pm

America is a lot bigger place than you seem to realize; I know of lots of Americans who care about the World Cup. Not only that, but Google is used all over the world, not just in America, so it's perfectly reasonable that they would post doodles that appeal to an international audience. And to say that they won't post even one doodle for MOST American holidays is completely false...if you search past Google doodles, you will find doodles for Independence Day, Memorial Day, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. etc.

Lauretta Payne

06/21/2014 02:17 am

SO SICK of the logos I am...


06/21/2014 09:47 pm

I have, in the past, looked forward to the Doodles. I learn new things all the time when they celebrate a scientist's birthday, or the anniversary of an obscure event. Now, there's nothing new, just soccer. Day after day after day after............. Monotony kills websites, Google. Surely you should know that.

pat schiffer

06/21/2014 11:55 pm

I do agree completely with you. Amen I am not the only one.

pat schiffer

06/22/2014 12:00 am

I am a fan of NASCAR, but Google doesn't get this excited about the Daytona 500, if at all. Quit trying to push soccer down our throats


06/22/2014 02:16 am

Soccer is a dud. Show us something cool, like surfing or skiing or lesbians.


06/22/2014 02:19 am

One of our local lads, with the encouragement of his parents, played american football on the high school level. He is messed up now from concussions. He gets headaches, has trouble concentrating in class. It's not worth it.


06/22/2014 02:20 am

I didn't know octopi were so short lived. Repulsive creatures.


06/22/2014 02:23 am

The rest of the world. ha! America is sliding into the pit where the rest of the world lives, betrayed from the inside by the same people who brought us the Soviet Holocaust.


06/22/2014 03:25 am

this thing is so cray cray and i like playing soccer but hate soccer macthes and world cup


06/22/2014 03:26 am

the do logo`s for world cup but not the olympics thats just cold

Nikki Jean

06/22/2014 10:03 am

I really couldn't care less about el football, but besides that... What about the thousands of people who have been forced out of their homes because of this stupid thing? The google doodles are only a reminder of how much I hate it.

Nikki Atterberry

06/22/2014 10:05 am

Or even


06/22/2014 11:54 am

You think you're so superior? In your OWN little insular mind, certainly not in reality. Your young people consistently score behind Europe in international mathematics and science tests. One in 4 of you doesn't even know the Earth revolves around the sun. Many of you can't even locate your own damn country on a map! Don't take my world for any of these things, look it up yourself. Your system of government allows a bunch of disgruntled minority house reps to shut down the government by refusing to support a budget, sending hundreds of thousands of workers home without pay. There is NO other country in the world where that could happen. Not to mention the higher standards of living and lower crime rates found in places such as Europe, which fools like you look down on. Clowns like you are a joke.


06/22/2014 11:59 am

Newsflash: Google is an American company but it serves the WORLD. And the WORLD is watching the WORLD CUP. The WORLD doesn't give a rats ass if Americans like you watch it or like soccer or not. In fact, neither does Google. Deal with it.


06/22/2014 12:05 pm

I am sooooooooooo tired of the world cup doodles. I am going to use a different search engine until it is over.


06/22/2014 01:22 pm

Tuly spoken Terence. We have a huge illiterate underclass in America which is growing rapidly. We used to have a level of freedom unmatched anywhere in the world, but those days are gone. We are rapidly transitioning into a huge, dysfunctional nation a la Brazil. I said nothing about American superiority - I said America is sliding into the pit. Nothing superior about that. Our ace in the hole is the 10s of millions of Americans that are armed. -Best Regards -C


06/22/2014 01:23 pm

Do I detect a note of envy? Methinks the lad protests too much!


06/22/2014 01:31 pm

Hope they put forth the same effort for the next Memorial Day. Google had to be dragged, kicking and screaming to put a simple yellow ribbon on their logo after many years of not recognizing it at all.


06/22/2014 02:41 pm

You wish. I'm just tired of yanks coming onto blogs about World Cup related news and disrupting the discussions with choice quotes like "Americans will never like soccer because it's for sissies!" or "American sports are REAL man's sports! Soccer is a girl's sport!" or "Change the rules and Americans might watch!" Like the world GIVES a shit if Americans watch or not! Oh and these REALLY take the cake: "Soccer is socialist! it's one of the means that liberals are using to bring down America!" and "Europe's liberal agents in America are trying to erode the greatness of our country with this so-called sport!" WTF?!


06/22/2014 03:01 pm

It's OK Terrence. Don't worry, I love Britain 'This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England...' Shakespeare, Marlborough, Sir Francis Drake. Soccer is fine. It is better that kids play soccer than American football - which damages thousands of young people every year in this country. Regards, Your American Cousin, Centralist!


06/22/2014 04:14 pm

OK. Sorry for taking out my ire on you. I'm just sick of the bullshit I mentioned in my last post.

Micah Thomason

06/22/2014 04:44 pm

If you like soccer, statistically you probably hate America.

Micah Thomason

06/22/2014 04:46 pm

Ur a genius.

Micah Thomason

06/22/2014 04:47 pm

not THAT bad....yet.

Micah Thomason

06/22/2014 04:48 pm


Micah Thomason

06/22/2014 04:52 pm

"jay-me" or "hi-me"? This will tell us SO much more about you.


06/22/2014 09:25 pm

Good Grief.. Its just a Doddle.. If you don't like it, don't look at it. Its like a commercial on TV.. you don't stop watching TV because you don't like a commercial. Google, Keep it up. I love your Doodles


06/23/2014 02:28 am

Yeah, it's annoying. Especially to Americans that don't care, and we own the internet.


06/23/2014 02:31 am

I imagine the letters are third world children chasing around a pinata, and then I chuckle.


06/23/2014 03:56 am

Really? well at least the women artist left behind something the world will forever appreciate and will continue to value years after the artist or genius is dead. Many artist will come after her but nobody is going to "break her record". Athletes by and large only leave stats behind, which another athlete will break in time. The fact is what is inside of the The Louvre in Paris is worth twenty times more then all of the US sports team combined. As a liberal I do not hate athletes, in fact I admire some of their abilities, and I do sometimes watch some games, but to me it is like seeing a good movie, or a good play. It is entertaining. it is only a game. There is nothing wrong about featuring the world cup in a good doodles but doing it for a month is too much, when there are other things happening in the world which should be highlighted, plus how do the countries like Spain who have been eliminated feel about seeing these soccer doodles being displayed on the screen reminding them of their lost.


06/23/2014 04:12 am

The world is watching..really? The last time I checked the two most populous countries are not watching (China and India). This is not about the world watching is about $$$$ say whatever you say about Americans when it comes to spending NOBODY BEATS US..FIFA needs more Americans watching this thing, because it will translate to truly big bucks..right now the most money making sport in the world is American football. Let me give you some stats. 700,000 million soccer fans spends 177,000 million spending for fan $0.25 111,000 million football fans spends 153,000 million spending per fan $1.37 This explains the true reasons about the nauseating soccer doodles. Terrence, American are smart when and where it matters.


06/23/2014 05:55 am

Oh Terrence FYI...American Football is socialist by definition, it is one the most egalitarians sports you will ever watch.. As for Americans going onto blogs, what about you? .you are here posting your hatred towards Americans under an article printed by an American company that questions the wisdom of another American company....if you are tired of Americans what the hell are you doing here?

Annoyed Googler

06/23/2014 06:44 am

Agreed. This soccer nonsense is getting out of hand

Ärsyyntynyt suomalaisgooglaaja

06/23/2014 07:44 am

Yes, I am so sick of the doddles I even googled if anyone else was! :D :D There is so much more in the world than f**king football, not to mention the games are held in a country that blatantly disregards human rights and its own people.


06/23/2014 07:48 pm

Ay yi yi! Enough with the soccer!!!


06/23/2014 10:46 pm

NO! Keep 'em coming! then go on to another topic, they're all great!

David Vance (British Ulster)

06/23/2014 11:04 pm

Yeah but the other 96% of the worlds population couldn't care less about American Football or Baseball for that matter...


06/24/2014 12:05 am

I'm getting tired of the World Cup doodles, too. One or two would be cute, but it gets old quickly and makes it seem as though the only thing of importance in the world is soccer! In particular, for an American audience, it strikes me as yet another little push toward globalization, a subtle way of urging us to get with the program and do what the rest of the world does. To me, that implication is not appreciated. Globalization has harmed the American economy more than it's helped, and I see no reason to adopt other countries' cultural practices, either. We have our own games that are popular here (football, baseball), and they have theirs (soccer). Why is that a problem?


06/24/2014 12:08 am

Try It's a search engine that's committed to user privacy, unlike dear old "don't be evil" Google. I've switched over to it almost entirely and have been very happy with the results.


06/24/2014 12:12 am

Very, very smart, though.


06/24/2014 12:24 am

Google is an American company, founded and headquartered in the United States. Larry Page was born and raised in the U.S. Sergey Brin was raised in the U.S. and is now an American citizen. The fact that Google brought its search engine power to the rest of the world is a blessing for those other countries. But it's an American company, and that's why Americans expect it to serve them first and foremost. If you don't like that, start a better search engine for your own country.


06/24/2014 12:39 am

Terrence, the U.S. undoubtedly has its share of troubles, but there's no correlation between standardized test scores and what really matters, which is GDP. The U.S. is still the world's leading economy. There are definitely a lot of uneducated Americans, but most European countries track their kids into college prep programs by the time they're in high school, and the result is that you compare the standardized test scores of only your best and brightest to the test scores of our undifferentiated masses, which of course makes your kids look better educated. The truth is that we have just as many smart, talented kids as you do--probably more just by virtue of population size--which is why the U.S. is so successful where it matters, which is in the workplace. As for our standard of living, I'll agree that Europeans have it better in some ways. You guys have more vacation time, better access to health care, more consumer protections, and so on. But Americans generally have larger houses and properties, usually own their own cars, and have better access to the latest technology. There are also many areas of the U.S. that are extremely safe, but high-crime statistics from poverty-stricken inner city areas weigh down the average. So who has the better standard of living? It really depends on what you value.


06/24/2014 03:33 am

Because I say I'm sick of Americans thinking the world revolves around them I hate Americans? Just because I say I'm tired of yanks posting shite about soccer, which they profess not to care about, that means I hate Americans? What the hell am I doing here? What the hell are THEY doing THERE if they don't like the game? Anybody who doesn't verbally kiss Americans' feet hates Americans, right? Americans are number 1 and should never be criticized, right? Fuck off. I like Americans very much. My wife is American, as are my mother and father in law. I visit regularly and have a lot American friends. Don't expect another response from me, you aren't worth the effort.


06/24/2014 07:06 am

where are the freakin Baseball, Football, Hunting and Fishing Doodles, left-coast Google?


06/24/2014 07:39 am

I hate these world cup doodles.

miss D

06/24/2014 10:47 am

Please remove football logoes!!!


06/24/2014 11:12 am

Poo on all your negativity. I am NOT a "Football" fan either but I appreciate these little clevernesses. In fact I'm trying now to find out where I can see again the ones that's aired already.

That Guy

06/24/2014 12:45 pm

Why can't we just choose to opt out of having to see them. Normally I don't mind the reminders of obscure dates and deceased but I couldn't give a flying fornication for commercialized organized sports and its just another annoying extension of marketing I'd rather turn off than have to endure.


06/24/2014 01:35 pm

oh thank god - I thought I was the only one - yes I hate these doodles, it's over-done! One or Two doodles spaced apart would be fine, but the good people at google have been shoving FIFA soccer doodles into our faces on a daily regime (sometimes twice during a twelve hour period). First of all I will say that I am not a soccer fan - can't stand the sport, even though I used to play it. I have started using Bing and Dogpile now instead of Google.


06/24/2014 06:34 pm

"Hunting and Fishing Doodles" Nowhere, because they're not sports. "left-coast Google" Well Bub it looks like that 5th grade education worked out for you after all, you managed to catch on to Google's dastardly left wing agenda to promote the evils of soccer, good on you Bub.


06/24/2014 06:35 pm

Google has always had a huge hard on for soccer, but never as excessive as this, I wonder how much FIFA paid them to promote this.


06/24/2014 08:55 pm

96%? post the links since I know that for Baseball many of its players are foreign. You do not get it....People like you the soccer fan, does not need a google doodle to entice them to watch...the ones FIFA wants to entice is the American do not kid yourself you might not care what Americans watch..but FIFA AND GOOGLE DOES. Since this is about American are not doing your sport any favors coming on these boards and giving American a good reason not to watch.

Dave Westgate

06/24/2014 09:03 pm

I googled, "Anyone else tired of the Google World Cup doodles? And this was the #1 result. Thank you for confirming I'm not the only one.


06/24/2014 09:24 pm

Terrance not only are you fill with hatred, you are dumb. I am here because I hate the Google Doodles soccer since this is what the ARTICLE IS ABOUT YOU MORON. It is like visiting the North Pole and complaining about the cold. They are plenty of Americans who like soccer just like just have to go to the appropriate article and I am pretty sure you are going to find American fans...but to come here which is about finding the soccer google doodles excessive and getting upset because people AGREE WITH THE ARTICLE...makes you beyond stupid. Americans do not feel the world revolves around them.nor do they ever expect anybody to kiss their ass or be free of criticism...THEY DO BELIEVE IN FREEDOM OF SPEECH YOU DICK....WHICH WE EXPECT PEOPLE TO RESPECT...but that is hard for you to understand in spite of your ties to America. Because Americans do not embrace soccer you assume it is because a sense of entitlement instead of a matter of taste and opinion. So ones who has to fuck off is you if Americans are posting hatred towards soccer..that you have to blame Google...they are the ones who thought up the idea of featuring the world cup for a whole entire month.


06/24/2014 10:36 pm

I said I wouldn't respond, but I can't believe this. Google is doing this for a month because the tournament, the largest sporting event in the world, LASTS A MONTH. Get it? It lasts a MONTH, so Google, which serves the international community features it for a MONTH. After the championship match on July 13, which ends the tournament, then Google will be finished with it. And why the FUCK should I blame Google for making people go onto soccer blogs and disrupt the discussions by posting all kinds of shite about the sport like fucking twits? Are you fucking DAFT? Why should I blame Google for people's idiocy? "Because Americans do not embrace soccer you assume it is because a sense of entitlement instead of a matter of taste and opinion." I don't assume SHITE.That statement itself is part of what I'm talking about: the presumption that the wider world gets all upset because Americans don't take to the sport. That assumes that American opinion of the sport is important to the world. It IS NOT. "I am here because I hate the Google Doodles soccer since this is what the ARTICLE IS ABOUT YOU MORON. It is like visiting the North Pole and complaining about the cold." Judas fucking priest, did you bother to READ the entire chain of posts before jumping at me? Look this is a waste of time. You think I'm dumb and I hate Americans, and I think you're a fucking idiot. We at least agree to tell each other fuck off. Let's leave it at that.


06/24/2014 11:28 pm



06/24/2014 11:39 pm

I hate all these world cup google doodles because its so blatantly self-promoting for Google. They're trying sooo hard to basically tell the world ... Hey look how cool we are because we're sooo internationally "with it" for celebrating world cup! Its the exact same thing with all their other stupid random pointless doodles celebrating obscure people and things that nobody cares about, but it makes them seem "quirky" and "hip". World cup google doodles, as with all their doodles, is a lame marketing gimmick to get people to think that google "has a heart" and is "cool and hip". They are not, they're just brainwashing all of you, and most people stupidly buy into it.


06/25/2014 04:17 am

You needed to respond because I struck a chord in know I am right. "Google is doing this for a month because the tournament, the largest sporting event in the world, LASTS A MONTH. Get it?" NO SHIT SHERLOCK...not only do I know it last a month I also know the amount of violence, insanity, racism and death it brings...Do not believe me just reread what you post. Do I want this kind of insanity spread to the USA an already violent country...NO THANKS.. Terrence you are tired reading American complained...this is because you only know English..many people around the world not just Americans are equally dismayed about the insanity and prominence the sport has above all other things. Terrence get over it...there are going to find Americans who love the sport, and those who don' will be shock to know I actually enjoy soccer but not the insanity surrounding and all of this Google doodle only feeds this insanity, plus what kind of message is this bringing to our young people..what are we telling them what is important in life when a sports get center stage for a month and all other human achievements are ignored. Why should I blame Google for people's idiocy?....this is where we actually found some common are right Terrence I cannot expect google to explain people like you, you are the example of the insanity I am talking about.


06/25/2014 10:22 am

Actually, you just proved it, lefty. How do I know you're a lefty? Because the first thing you idiots do is try to imply that "your education is bigger than my education," when in fact, you're too stupid to realize that education is an ongoing process that doesn't even require your over-priced ivory towers to acquire. In fact, that schtick is for dummies that can't learn on their own...slow learners. I hereby rule that soccer is not a about as good as your idiot proclamation that hunting and fishing are not sports. Wonder why they call it "sport fishing?" Get lost, dufus.


06/25/2014 12:04 pm

Every doodle should come with the huge "x" in a circle that allows you to banish it back where it came from, never to be seen again. Then the smug aholes at google can see a number every day that indicates how many people hate them. btw, my hatred of these animations has only an indirect connection to my hatred of soccer. They are annoying and the timing on them demands your attention. Some think that makes them successful. Others, like me, do not enjoy them and experience a desire to check out bing or another search engine for the duration.


06/25/2014 12:09 pm

DVF you must not have the same 'doodles' that I have. The annoying timing on these things demand a users attention. I've got some more news for you...I DO stop watching certain television programs when they run commercials that I don't like.


06/25/2014 12:24 pm

Danger IS the sport. Take that out and you've got more basketball. You might have a look at your "local lads" parents. Find out if they or their son's school is receiving financial assistance for his illness. You might be surprised what you find. All children have ADD until a teacher or their parents lose a shoe up the child's rear end. Instead of instruct or guide the young on how to cope with society, we label them as a victim of some sort and hand them a crutch. This is a lesson they will carry with them for the rest of their life. The doom of civilization is at hand and you're holding the door for it.


06/25/2014 12:26 pm

Jamie or Jame Gumm, strangely enough, I agree with you. I'm an American and I pray that we get eliminated as soon as possible so we can get back to being America. The world already has a Europe.


06/25/2014 12:31 pm

I don't want to know what "MB" stands for. Are you kidding? You TAPE a three hour soccer match to watch later? After it is over and you could save 3 hours of your life to find out if it was a 0-0 tie or a 1-0 rollick but, instead, you actually sit and watch a match hours after it has finished? BUHWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!


06/25/2014 12:38 pm

Terrence, I love it when someone outside America tries to talk us down and then mixes their issues. Try to understand conservatism versus liberalism before you try to tell us what to do. You appear to be ignorant on how the entire world is dividing along those lines. Just so you know, once you have educated yourself, we still won't give a damn about what you think. Take your cold water shower, get back on your donkey, go to work and shoo that chicken off your amiga keyboard and keep your head down. The less you know the better.


06/25/2014 12:47 pm

Terrence, you again? Wake up, Terry. Soccer is played primarily in socialist countries. Its surging popularity in America is most certainly due to this alignment. The game is clearly based on socialism. There's the ball, anybody who wants to can try to kick it--Go! No drama. Any advance can be derailed instantly by simply clearing the ball to the other end of the field. No gains, no losses just a crap shoot about who gets tired first and lets someone get ahead of them by half a step to score. zzzzzZZZZzz. American sports that rely on individual achievement are not part of the socialist dogma. This is why American sports are under attack.


06/25/2014 01:02 pm

This shows that Google has gotten to the point where it can basically tell its customers "go f___ yourselves. We're huge. We can do whatever we like." Anyone with a basic understanding of marketing would know that Americans are lukewarm towards soccer, at best. So why not tailor the doodles accordingly? But as the Firefox-gay-marriage debacle showed, tech companies feel they have a mandate to shove their social agenda down our throats. Tech geeks are becoming as annoying as lawyers and used-car salesmen.


06/25/2014 01:17 pm

Welp you did again Bub, you looked at my comment calling you an idiot and deduced that I am a leftist, because anyone who thinks you're an idiot is a leftist. You're right, education is completely useless and for slow learners, that's why all the important jobs go to thinkers like you. Hell we should completely abolish forms of higher education like Medical School, why should a person have to go through College then four more years of school just to become a doctor and be entrusted in the care and safety of the community? You got me on the sport fishing thing though, adding the word sport to an activity automatically makes it a sport even though it has none of the necessities that make it a sport. Well, have fun with your sport Fox News watching and sport beer chugging Bub.


06/25/2014 01:35 pm

It's not the doodles that bug me but the fact that they're ads. Google must have financial interests in the World Cup or something to do with it. Somehow Google is getting payed. I don't mind some promotion to draw traffic to the cause, but everyday in every way nonstop? Yuck! And that is exactly why it screams "I'm an ad." Too much.


06/25/2014 02:14 pm appears not to have any doodles, but in any case if someone uses AdBlock they can add the following filter ||google.*/logos/doodles/2014/world-cup-*.


06/25/2014 02:27 pm

I prefer


06/25/2014 06:49 pm

Thanks for the Filter, worked great. Was so sick of those crap ads. I mean there are other thing happening in the freaking world. Some of those doodles can be good like persons of interest and causes like environmental issues.


06/26/2014 01:58 am

American degenerate morons think the world gives a damn,the beautiful game of footbal is celebrated universally How sad and pathetic are these motherfuckers serously!


06/26/2014 02:15 am

I can see using these doodles on and other national google sites for the duration of the world cup, but it doesn't make sense for the US. Soccer, aka. un-American Football, isn't anywhere near as popular in the US as American Football (NFL) is - yet there aren't any doodles for the NFL playoffs. I would have sworn google was headquartered in the United States. Why no love for our own sport in our own country, but we're all forced into a month of monotony over a sport that most of the country won't even watch?

One of many

06/26/2014 04:54 am

Not really... I live in Europe and I have absolutley no interest in football/soccer and I'm dead tired of the world cup doodles.


06/26/2014 12:58 pm

I'd prefer to eliminate all Doodles permanently. A daily annoyance that I can't deal with with my (self diagnosed) ADD :) Anyone know how?


06/26/2014 01:00 pm



06/26/2014 01:04 pm

Heh heh heh ... Lesbians are cool, Bevis

American Patriot

06/26/2014 02:31 pm

The Marxist/Socialist/Left is not interested in sports unless it contains an element of their Idealogy attached to it like the, "WORLD" Cup....International events interest the Left, because they are internationalists,they Hate Nation States ,especially America,and enjoy any event that brings the World together in one Polyglott, which is their vision for Humanity, and is reflected in their idealogical obsession with Multiculturalism/Multiracialism, which is now official policy in the Western Nations of the World now ,and has been for the last 40 years of Liberal/Left rule. So thats why the Liberal/Left who run Google have the endless World Cup Doodles..It's really a Leftist "Celebration" of the World "Community" coming together as one for this event.


06/26/2014 03:36 pm

What you said is so true, and so funny at the same time. Polyglott. Leftist Celebration of the World Community. Lol!

Traditional American Values

06/26/2014 04:45 pm

The left is always celebrating something,and it's usually something idealogically left,liberal ,or culturally vacuous. Liberals ,and the intellectual Left ,are notorius for having contempt for those that participate in physical activitys, other than perverted or immoral sexual behavior.The Left usually sneers and refers to Athletes as "Jocks", when talking about them. Yet they are wetting their pants over this World Cup Soccer event,but as American Patriot comments it's strictly for Idealogical reasons,thats why Google is making so much about it with their Doodles.


06/26/2014 04:49 pm

Thank you so much for this filter. You have made the google homepage a much better experience during this time of the "World Cup" especially since the poverty stricken in Brazil are suffering so much due to this and no one seems to care


06/26/2014 04:55 pm

sorry its world cup FOOTBALL


06/26/2014 05:02 pm

Only the united states call it soccer and are the only ones who play AMERICAN football the rest of the entire word call it football and play football that's why Google puts world cup doodles on and not NFL or what ever.


06/26/2014 05:05 pm

not just America uses google the rest of the world does to thats why real football is there.


06/26/2014 05:06 pm

not soccer Football ye


06/26/2014 06:14 pm

All google doodles are annoying, but this one takes the cake. They are trying to shove soccer down our throats. They are testing to see the "power of google" to tip the scales in America in favor of soccer. American's don't give a crap about soccer! Cut it the f*&k out with this stupid "world cup" logos.


06/26/2014 06:20 pm

Hi there, google employee. Do you wear dark rimmed glasses, a messenger bag and carry around star bucks drinks all day?

Soccer Hater

06/26/2014 07:56 pm

I can't stand Soccer and yes these doodles are annoying! BARF!!! I can't wait until the World Cup is over.

Ban Google Doodles

06/26/2014 08:09 pm

Sorry it's World Cup Soccer.... -------------------------- "Soccer Star Suspended for 4 Months After World Cup Bite. Mirren Gidda 10:20 AM ET . SHARE A bite comes back to bite Luis Suárez. Uruguay soccer star Luis Suárez was suspended for nine matches and banned from any soccer-related activity for four months after he bit an opposing player, FIFA said Thursday."


06/26/2014 10:12 pm

The only way we can respond is by boycotting all Google advertisers... as Google offers NO direct line of contact to voice complaints.


06/26/2014 10:14 pm

Wonder how many American football logos we see? NONE!


06/26/2014 10:47 pm

YES PLEASE!! Enough with the soccer doodles!! Google is acting like absolutely NOTHING else is happening or has happened in the universe since the world cup started this year!! Someone at Google must REALLY be a fan! I wish there was a way to COMPLAIN!! Not that they actually care though...too big to care!

Robert Loughrey

06/26/2014 10:52 pm

Thats because its a minor sport on a worldwide stage. There are 1000 soccer fans for every football fan. They are a global company playing to a global stage. That said, I'm tired of them too.

not so global

06/26/2014 11:44 pm

The "global stage" isn't quite what you think. If you go to from an ISP located in the UK, you'll end up at Most other countries have their own google page - see here: Should the UK get world cup doodles? You bet. Portugal? Brazil? Of course. The US? No damn way. It would be trivial for google to show the world cup junk everywhere but the US, yet they cram it down our throats.


06/26/2014 11:57 pm

Google doodles used to be pretty creative and downright genius. But these are just amateurish at best, and a bit of overkill. And not just because I don't give a crap about soccer (nor does any other human being I know). Seriously, ENOUGH already!


06/27/2014 03:25 am

These animations are starting to suck very bad. All of the doodles for World Cup consist of letters replacing humans, or, better yet, nothing. Also, I find it annoying how it constantly changes for every match or two. Can't Google have some consistency. I also agree with you Lori. Google is starting to act like nothing else happens, except the Father Day doodle. There are people and events we could be remembering - good or bad, small or big.


06/27/2014 04:38 am

Guys they stopped the animations!!!! Happy? Lol.


06/27/2014 08:43 pm

They are awesome! I find myself going to google multiple times per day to see if they have changed. I also like that all of the world cup related doodles have a "look" - usually green and yellow and other muted colors. I especially loved the one about the boss letter B walking by at work and all the other letters switching between the game and a financial presentation. And by the way, they are just doodles - I don't see why people get so worked up about stuff that is supposed to be fun!


06/27/2014 09:48 pm

I love the World Cup doodles--I admire them as they become more and more interactive; they make me laugh; and they have made me follow the World Cup (as I have never done before). I cannot resist clicking on the doodle, so they have educated me in the international phenomena of the quite marvelous sport. The doodles represent a marvelous and playful creativity.

Phoenix Ares

06/28/2014 12:37 am

I'm sick of the World Cup, period. I can't wait for it to be over so that I can go back to watching TV without every station carping about it every ten minutes.


06/28/2014 11:50 am

It seems that Google have stopped them for a while before the second round starts. I love these though! A business as large as google is thinking creatively! Ever heard of that? No! Do people complain about the olympics? No! I don't know why it's even an issue! It's like saying, 'ew, why do you keep changing your shirt?' IT'S WHAT GOOGLE DOES! Gosh, you guys are such babies.


06/28/2014 11:52 am

I'm starting to think this is racism.


06/28/2014 04:47 pm

I hate google's world cup bullshit....That is what I googled to find this page. That should pretty much cover my feelings on the subject


06/28/2014 07:17 pm

I google "Fuck FIFA Doodles" to find this page. FIFA doodles are getting too much. Google needs to stop showing doodle each day. I am no FIFA or soccer fan for that matter, nor am I an American.


06/28/2014 07:28 pm

so many google doodles are so annoying! especially the world cup ones. i recognize that for soccer fans they might be enjoyable but for those who aren't or don't like to styling - let us opt out!!! it used to be we could chose our own screen. i have a fox japanees teacup page. i love it and miss it.


06/28/2014 07:30 pm

lame doodles.

Christopher Nubel

06/29/2014 09:38 pm

Who cares about Soccer? Kick the ball for a bit, whine to the referee, Kick the ball some more, whine to the referee some more, repeat. There, that's the entire game.

Raymond B.

06/29/2014 10:59 pm

If you don't like doodles, use to have the regular Google logo.


06/30/2014 04:50 am

Tried it, that didn't do shytte.


06/30/2014 04:55 am



06/30/2014 04:56 am



06/30/2014 04:57 am

American Patriot Shyttebird, you're a multicultural neggar aren't you?

Gary Steele

06/30/2014 02:47 pm

I like soccer just fine, or I did until this year. Hell, it was better when the World Cup was played in my area -- not nearly so much hoopla. Tired of it. Please stop it.

Soccer is for Girls...

06/30/2014 03:02 pm

Really does sound like a game thats suited to Girls,thats why the Liberal/Left is Promoting it so hard ...

Who's Full of Hate?

06/30/2014 03:11 pm

Everyone who differs from the Liberal/Left brainwash and indoctrination is "Filled with Hate"...Look at the Hate inside yourself for;... Truth , Traditional American Values and Way of Life...No one Hates America like the Left,thats why they've spent 5 decades destroying her.


06/30/2014 07:01 pm

I am so sick of also. After all it's just a game. Shouldn't dozens of world heroes, etc. be honored instead.

Sylvia Ivie

06/30/2014 07:08 pm

regardless of whether the rest of the world plays and likes "fussball" the point is they (Google) is over doing the whole Soccer doodle thing. I mean at LEAST give people a choice like a tick box or something that will change it for the remaining duration of the world cup. (btw, I would to that if there were a month of Gridiron doodle too) Fact is I don't give a rats ass for any sport.

Sebastian Barrueto

06/30/2014 07:08 pm

El futbol es el MEJOR deporte del mundo!, el mas popular!, mucho mejor que cualquier deporte de estados unidos como el american football, o el baseball!, no vean el futbol como algo politico , es solo un deporte, el mejor del mundo! // The soccer is the best sport in the world!, the most popular!, so better than each american sport like the american football or the baseball!, dont look the soccer like politic thing, your must see just like a game, like a sport, like THE BEST SPORT IN THE WORLD! :)

Sarah Rose Ely

06/30/2014 07:13 pm

Yet no Memorial Day doodle still? Oh Google...


06/30/2014 07:55 pm

I hate them. Even the Olympics are only two weeks, and now I have to see this garbage every day for a month? I've actually started using other search engines because of it.


06/30/2014 11:45 pm

This jamming of soccer down the throats of Americans is more proof the Bolshevik communists are getting a foothold in this country. Can't get much more un-American than the commies. And anyone against it is "filled with hate". Typical leftie drivel.


07/01/2014 12:56 am

I am from Europe and i am sick of them.. Today's one is dumbest of all...


07/01/2014 01:19 am

Every single one has been lame and lacking the creativity of other google animations. It comes off as pathetic: "We are in the U.S.A. and we want you to know how in touch and worldly we are". Sad.

Truth Tella

07/01/2014 06:49 am

OMG thank goodness I'm not alone in my disgust with Google's "yay everything collectivist!" BS. FU, Goog-L.

Truth Tella

07/01/2014 06:52 am

"...I don't really pay attention..."

Truth Tella

07/01/2014 06:52 am

Preach it!


07/01/2014 08:38 am

I thought there were brilliant and they shouldn't be removed until the end of the Football World Cup is over.


07/01/2014 11:29 am

thats because youre an idiot


07/01/2014 11:30 am

Soccer is a game and not a sport. It's fun for the kiddies though.

Prof J

07/01/2014 11:32 am

he is probably also a turd burglar if he is over the age or 12 and a fan of soccer

Kizone Kaprow

07/01/2014 11:34 am

All sports are games, but not all games are sports. Likewise, art is contemplated, not played. That's why novels, films, symphonies, sculptures and paintings are art, but video games are not. But we digress.


07/01/2014 03:53 pm

I dissagree with you saying that video games are not art. Just because you can interact with it, it doesn't mean it isn't art. It takes a lot of artistic process to do a videogame. Sometimes combines major forms of art, for example 3D models can be scuplted, music composed and scripts written to a videogame to be made. That doesn't mean that some video games can be bad art, but there are also bad paintings, music or books.

Mikey FTL

07/01/2014 04:05 pm

Google will lose major respect points if they pull this crap on July 4th. I expect to see stars, stripes, and fireworks. If I see ugly green and yellow soccer balls bouncing around, the staff at Google will be nothing but commie soccer-mom eurotrash in our eyes.


07/01/2014 04:07 pm

The following suggestion Requires the following: *you are wanting to rebel against pluralistic ignorance *suggestions result in a 404 *you use Firefox Then go to: >reset as homepage. Using google advance search, as mentioned, will not flow with suggestions as you type your search but this will. For those who rely on the google homepage for quick access to apps buttons (google+ personal and business profiles, mail, maps, etc), at the top of window the bar is black and will show your google+ profile image and button. Click on profile button> takes you to google+ profile page which will display all the app buttons in the usual spot. As an avid firefox user, I can not contribute to solutions for other browsers but I will at least have the decency to not put up an animated frown face.

Mr. Derp

07/01/2014 04:29 pm

Google, knock it off. It's tacky and annoying. I didn't even know soccer lasted so long until Google annoyed me enough to look up why they haven't stopped with the stupid doodles. Adblock to the rescue, I block every single one you put out. I never thought I'd have to do that to Google...

Kizone Kaprow

07/01/2014 04:46 pm

If it's played, it's a game, not art. After all, who sits in a theater and watches a video game for two hours? Nobody. That's why they're called video "games," not video art. The fact that video games use art is immaterial. The integrated whole -- the game itself -- is just that: a game. A Chinese checkers board can be lovely and artful in its colorful geometric layout, but is anybody hanging one on his wall? It seems to me that those individuals who keep insisting that video games are actually "art" have an inferiority complex. Privately, they admit to themselves that the contemplation of "art" is a classier pastime than engaging in mindless murder-and-mayhem violence fantasies. So they try to steal the "prestige" of actual art and apply it to their own recreational activities. It's a rather neurotic method of dealing with realty, in my view. What's wrong with just calling a game a game? Is the player of that game a better person if he calls Grand Theft Auto "art?"


07/01/2014 05:17 pm

Yes, your first argument is true and in fact I agree with you. But I didn't said in any moment that playing videogames is art. The act of playing videogames is not art, we can agree on that. But that doesn't change that videogames are art pieces, and that's because the act of making them requires from expression or application of creative skills. It's comparable to making films. I think, as a videogame developer that does 3D Art, that my art is as valid for an animation movie, than for videogames, and in both cases they will be considered art. If there is people that is saying that playing videogames is art, they are just wrong, like you said, playing videogames is not art.


07/01/2014 05:35 pm

so annoying!!


07/01/2014 05:36 pm

so f'ing annoying!!!!!!! ugh!

Kizone Kaprow

07/01/2014 07:03 pm

"It's comparable to making films." Yes, video games, like films, use elements of art. So does Monopoly, poker, and pinball. Would you say that they, too, qualify as "art"? A clever marketer might call them "Art that you play!™" But everyone knows that they're just games. Films (good films, anyway) have a plot, a theme, characterization, a climax and a fixed ending. Unlike a video game, a film's final form is not dependent upon the audience's skill or participation. It is not open-ended and arbitrary. A great film does not fail because one viewer is myopic. The essential difference between films and video games is that, unlike films, whose entire purpose is to be contemplated, a video game that is not played is like a steak that is not broiled. Sure, you can stare at that lovely marbled rib-eye, admire the "art" that went into raising the steer, butchering it and aging the cuts. But nobody buys a steak to stare at the muscle. Likewise, one doesn't acquire a video game to stare at it, but to play it competitively. There's no competition involved in observing the Mona Lisa.


07/01/2014 07:19 pm

You "suspect most enjoy them over hating them"? YOU ARE AN A-1 LIAR.


07/01/2014 07:21 pm

Only global socialists and US democrats like soccer and insist on shoving it in our face, perhaps make a law mandating that all citizens watch the game, and then of course to force us to call it "football." Only the Tea Party can save the US, and ultimately the world, from the scourge of soccer. End of line.


07/01/2014 08:29 pm

Google snubbed the Stanley cup, ignored hockey. In this century of politically correct bias I can assume google ignored the Stanley cup because it a "White" man sport. Well excuse America & Canada for being White, Google must have 100% Asian imported workers on H1B visas.


07/01/2014 08:40 pm

You made me search profoundly about that topic, and I've been reading a few hours now. I can understand better your point, and because of that, you bested me in that matter. Needless to say, I correct what I said about my work in videogames, tough even its art, it doesn't make the whole product art. I still believe tough, from a more informed position than a few hours ago, than some games could qualify as art, and if they're not, some could in the new future as the media evolves. So, even in their current evolving form, I still think that videogames can evolve and be classified as art, even if that those kind of games are not in the mainstream or not as the ones we know today.


07/01/2014 08:40 pm

I've grown to hate the doodles.

Simeon Ward

07/01/2014 09:03 pm

LAME LAME LAME! enough with the soccer crap already.

Robert Hartung

07/01/2014 11:15 pm

LAME LAME LAME! I've grown to hate the doodles!

Kizone Kaprow

07/01/2014 11:22 pm

"Some games could qualify as art..." You're a class act. Thanks. It's a pleasure discussing this with you. I know what you are saying, and I'll readily acknowledge that there are beautifully designed games out there that are wondrous to behold from a purely esthetic viewpoint. When I was a kid, we never actually bothered to play Mousetrap [ ]. We just put the parts and pieces of that Rube Goldberg-inspired game together, turned the crank and delighted in the ingenuity of it all. Would I view Mousetrap -- today -- as a work of art? Yeah, in my opinion a fully assembled, vintage Mousetrap board must take its rightful place in the world as an iconic, '60s-era pop-culture sculpture. But the game itself is still a game, just as poker is still a game, even though a royal flush, when held in your hand, is a beautiful thing.

Rupert McKitten

07/02/2014 12:45 am

I am not at ALL tired of the FIFA animations! On the contrary, I love them. They make me laugh; and cheer me up and make me feel like a member of the world community even though I can't be in any of the stadiums right now.

Kizone Kaprow

07/02/2014 01:40 am

Could you define "world community" for me? Thanks.

Kizone Kaprow

07/02/2014 01:42 am

"You're" has an apostrophe. Maybe you're the idiot.

Kizone Kaprow

07/02/2014 01:45 am

Looks like one of Ann Coulter's puppets is parroting her talking points.


07/03/2014 06:05 am

I hope that was sarcasm. If not... How much do your masters pay you to publish these bits of predictive programming? You people have sure been working a lot of overtime lately with this trash. Don't be a fool. Here's a hint: They're using you.


07/03/2014 06:52 am

Ah - someone else gets it. You are very correct. . It's quite clear what their strategy is: Destroy all sovereign nations - especially white ones (because they see them as more of a threat). They do this by: (A) Marginalizing and demonizing their populations, through psychological manipulation via the Media Complex (which they completely control), (B) By creating and delivering endless streams of wothless pop culture "idols" to keep the masses' attention distracted (and thus fucused away from "them") (C) Countless other subversive strategies, too nuimerous to list here. Meanwhile, they barrage us with endless propanda about "global" events (like the World Cup, for instance) and tell us how wonderful these events are... (Inferring to the masses, through subconcious manipulation, that a big, one-world government will be a big, happy place for everyone. WRONG - it will be WORLD SLAVERY. I do hope you people know who these malevolent criminals are. If you don't, you better get moving and figure it out. There isn't much time left. They don't like or respect ANYONE outside of their tribe. So they very carefully play everyone against each other, from behind the curtain, whilst pretending do be their "friends" .They would prefer we were ALL elimintaed. That is their stated goal. and it has been throughout much of history. (You just weren't taught that in "school"). Of course, that's just another example of their endless criminal exploits - they have turned the schools into another arm of their "Ministry Of Probaganda"


07/03/2014 03:06 pm

Seriously? What you wrote gotta be a sarcastic joke... man! For a moment you sounded like that is the way you think. LOL... that was funny though. You forgot to mention the Iluminati, the Rockefellers and Mother Teresa of Calcuta. Cheers!


07/04/2014 01:36 pm

I like other doodles except FIFA ones.


07/04/2014 04:13 pm

Is it really that much of an inconvenience for you to see these football doodles when you search for something? By the time you are done typing something in to the search bar, you have probably only had to endure the agony of looking at a picture for about 5 seconds. Also, is it a coincidence that the football doodles stopped the day after the US lost to Belgium?


07/05/2014 01:53 am

YES, if all-caps and bolding isn't too "much" of an inconvenience for you.


07/05/2014 01:57 am

People who live, love, laugh together in the global now. People reach out and touch, people who sing the common theme of life. People who play together. People who pray together. People who p e e together. People who... ... hold on... something didn't quite fit there... not sure....


07/05/2014 04:41 am

So friggin annoying. Does Google celebrate the Superbowl? No. Does Google celebrate the Birth of Christ (Christmas Day)? No. What makes World Cup so much more special than American sports?


07/05/2014 05:01 am

FIFA obviously paid Google to do the doodles...probably a shit load of money. i can't see any other reason to keep plugging these crappy animations throughout the world cup. it's kind of embarrassing for both parties actually.

Karl Johansson

07/05/2014 07:58 am

l think Google should not display those doodles in the US and save them for the rest of the world. l understand, l would be very annoyed if they displayed a doodle for the Super Bowl or the NBA or any otehr American stuff in my country, We felt something similar when the MLB paid a huge amount of money to a local broadcaster to promote the Baseball here, in Germany, We were like ''Hey, we really don't care, stop bombing us!'' and then they gave up. l personally find them appealing, as football fan. But, l understand your stance, completely.


07/05/2014 08:35 am

We were out!!! And now, it's back. Twilighty Zone Shocked we had a 4th of July logo that wasn't a tiny little flag at the bottom.

Sandro Mazzolini

07/05/2014 09:14 am

Yes, l don't fucking know why they were visible in the states, they obviously don't know or care about Football, l'm glad they're still present in Europe though, except in England which is stupid since it is one of the most important and biggest base of fans all around the world.

Sandro Mazollini

07/05/2014 09:17 am

l think he simply enjoy the goddamn doodles.

Xavi Rodriguez

07/05/2014 09:21 am

Joder con los maricas pendejitos que no dan cabida otra cosa que a sus gringadas y sus deportes estupidos de ''contacto'', me cago de la risa cada que alguien de los ''Estamos Sumidos'' dice ''hey mate, let's watch some football!!'' Yo siempre digo ''Football de verdad o mierda de futbol Americano?''

Captain America

07/05/2014 09:38 am

Soccer is not a sport, it is a fun game for little kids.

Hector Lozano

07/05/2014 10:14 am

Jaja es verdad, Los gabachos si quieren imponer su cochina cultura en otros paises (7 Eleven, Starbucks, NFL y demas leches) pero se molestan cuando los demas quieren imponer las suyas en el de ellos. Pues se aguantan y ahora mamense los doodles. XD

Hector Lozano

07/05/2014 10:16 am

Me la pelas pinche pedero tu y tu gilipollez esa de la NFL para pendejos maricones. jaja

USAF-reti '95 Msgt in Holland

07/05/2014 06:10 pm

Dear Google, love it...nice cartoons ofr World Cup Brasil !!

Dorian Sindelar

07/05/2014 06:34 pm

Agree!! Greetings from Sweden.

Tony Boston

07/05/2014 09:22 pm

Sooo can't wait to NOT see world cup on Google Doodles


07/05/2014 10:05 pm

Just use another search engine.

jholmboe and obaker

07/07/2014 01:25 am

We love the world cup doodles.Where are they?


07/07/2014 03:25 pm

Google, once reknowned for its clean interface and "Don't be Evil" motto... is now actively using promoting Cultural Marxism: homosexuality, feminism, soccer, etc. Now just another biased mainstream media mafia channel.


07/08/2014 04:13 am

I hate soccer and I'm so tired of hearing about it on every flipping channel, and website.


07/08/2014 06:23 am

fuck google and fuck soccer

Jacques Van Blokland

07/08/2014 07:27 am

Another point for Bing. Gooooooooooooal!


07/08/2014 12:52 pm

Yes! And, some of them don't even make sense, like the first one, the octopus. WTH? By the way, I found this site after searching to see how many people were just as confused or annoyed with them.


07/08/2014 12:55 pm

Seriously doubt it. Google's a billion dollar company and why would FIFA pay them to advertise the game? They don't get any money from having more people tune in. Now, if you said that the broadcasters (who actually get paid from viewers watching) paid them, then I could see your point.


07/08/2014 12:56 pm

I was confused by your "football" statement.


07/08/2014 02:09 pm

Because the whole world is interested in it rather than only North America. It brings people together.


07/08/2014 02:26 pm

I love seeing them, they get me excited for the next game when i'm browsing away. I liked this one: as I was getting a bad signal myself (from recent storm damage) so it was funny. I'm not surprised Americans hate them, the majority of them hate football anyway. I can understand if they're showing results, which I haven't seen myself, but a picture isn't really hard to ignore. You could also use bing or something else if it bothered you that much.

Avenash Ali

07/08/2014 02:40 pm

Personally I'm not a huge fan of football...And yes, the world cup is football..not that crap you redneck Americans play, running around with a ball in your hands..that's handball! However, I'd rather see football doodles than handball, golf or any other lame American sports. Leave to the euros please.


07/08/2014 02:44 pm =)


07/08/2014 05:34 pm

I hate the world cup doodles. Every one of them. Whoever came up with the idea to post world cup doodles for a month should turn their brain off.


07/08/2014 05:36 pm

i'm not tired of the foolishness. I switched to bing until the stupidity ends


07/08/2014 05:37 pm

How can a sport possibly be Marxist? I'm going to assume you're a troll and not really that stupid.


07/08/2014 05:58 pm

I'm not a sports fan, and mostly annoyed by the FIFADoodles. But if we're going to be bombarded, at least Google could explain what the heck the doodles mean, or the cultural reference behind...whatever is going on with that stupid bearded G.


07/08/2014 06:27 pm

I use Bing. Look into their point system, it literally pays to use it.


07/08/2014 07:52 pm

YES - GOOGLE get a life!! More to life than World Cup soccer


07/08/2014 08:33 pm

Please STOP the annoying doodles, Google! I leave tabs open just to be ready for the next search. There's nothing worse than some animation that's like an ad, completely making me lose my train of thought and forget what I am there to search for! This has really gone overboard and is stopping the good a search does. I long for the peace of a clean white page once again, and to stay that way!


07/08/2014 10:30 pm

I've switched to Bing until this world cup nonsense is finally over. It's been weeks now. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


07/08/2014 10:32 pm

Shut your face idiot. You make the world a worse place.

Soccer is more important

07/08/2014 11:10 pm

Everyone who hates doodle make the place worse like you ignorant idiots

World Cup is great

07/08/2014 11:16 pm

The writer and all you hates are fucking idiots who don't understand how important the World Cup is and how it unites us all peacefully and brings us to happiness. Ignorant assholes from North America wouldn't understand to shit.

Sasha Shokolova

07/09/2014 01:29 am

Oh yes, you definitely sound "peaceful" and "happy". If your attitude and snobbery is typical of soccer fans, I think we're better off not adopting your worship of the sport.


07/09/2014 01:36 am

The frequency of doodles has made them annoying ... they used to be very infrequent and somewhat informative, but now they are constant and meaningless. Register and run your kindergarten propaganda-fest there instead. And FFS, let me turn off the ignorant auto-complete and stop trying to tell me what I should think. You guys used to run a clean search engine, now it's just an invasive, annoying, political POS.


07/09/2014 02:48 am I'm probably going to keep using this search site even after July 13th when fifa ends. The doodles are intrusive and annoying. I'll put up with a random doodle each month. But every flippin day till fifa ends, no thank you google. Ad block plus has google whitelisted so even if you block image it reappears when you reopen google. Tampermonkey + user script only works so much, you open google and the damn doodle flashes before tampermonkey removes it. So I went to use look it up pretty good people that run it.


07/09/2014 01:37 pm

PLEASE GET OVER IT! I Hate soccer and am so tired of the sport! We are showcasing something that is not helping the poor of the country!


07/09/2014 01:38 pm



07/09/2014 01:38 pm



07/09/2014 01:38 pm

Still overit and we are not ignorant!


07/09/2014 02:44 pm

"Yeah but the other 96% of the worlds population couldn't care less about American Football or Baseball for that matter..." That's only true of (American) football, but not even close to true for baseball. In fact, I'd argue that baseball is just as much of "the world's sport" as soccer, it's just not that popular in much of Europe. People outside of the US whine about the MLB championships being called "the World Series"; meanwhile nearly 30% of MLB players are not from the US. Last year the winner of the World Baseball Classic (which is basically the baseball World Cup) was the Dominican Republic. It should be noted that baseball is wildly popular in DR, and futbol is merely an afterthought there. Baseball is played all over the Americas, even in countries where soccer is popular. It's popular in Asia too, particularly in South Korea and Japan. So to say that "96% of the world's population couldn't care less about baseball", even if that was said in jest, is just plain ignorant. Also re: google doodles, they are country specific. For instance, I'm sure that Canadians saw a special Canada Day doodle on July 1st, when the rest of the world saw something different. It would make sense to have World Cup themed doodles in countries where soccer is popular, but not so much in countries that are mostly apathetic to soccer.


07/09/2014 03:31 pm

It's a series of games.


07/09/2014 03:41 pm

I didn't know golf was an American sport...

Adam Sgammotta

07/09/2014 03:42 pm

I'm sick of all the doodles. Just leave the Google logo on the damn page!


07/09/2014 04:49 pm

You've really run out of things to complain about when you're bitching about the "Google home screen doodle." Get the hell over it.


07/09/2014 04:51 pm

People are so damn sensitive these days. Get the hell over it and bitch about something else.

No one cares.

07/09/2014 06:29 pm

God you guys have no fucking idea. My girlfriend is Italian and watches EVERY FUCKING GAME. I said to her yesterday "get over it you act like you are involved with it and like you're there, you don't see me watching every football game that comes on even if its not my team." then she got all pissy and went in her room. :) fuck soccer. fuck all of you dumbass foreigners who worship it. IT'S A SPORT. GET OVER IT.

James Walker

07/09/2014 08:28 pm

Great for you and by the way I hate both brands of "football" Show it in the countries who care which is undoubtedly NOT the U.S. A few is ok but after a month this is bordering on brainwashing. Google used to do regional doodles relevant to the areas that actually cared about that specific content. Keep it there.

James Walker

07/09/2014 08:40 pm

Not a stretch considering the majority of countries where it's popular tend to be more politically left leaning which means the sport gets painted with that brush. I don't agree that sports should have anything to do with politics, however (think the 1936 olympics.) Unfortunately it seems the loudest voices you hear from Americans in a forum like this come from right wing lunatics. I don't like the doodles either but I don't see it as an opportunity to inject my politics in every topic. Unfortunately, I'm in the minority.


07/09/2014 08:41 pm

This could be the moment that Google "jumps the shark." That is, the point that people get tired of it and start going to other search engines for their needs that doesn't spy on them, or keep their data searches forever and ever, or emails even after one has deleted it. Might be a good time to go short on Google stock.


07/09/2014 09:00 pm

What an interesting post about uniting us all peacefully and bringing us happiness right after all those curse words. Peace be with you. May your team be bitten.


07/09/2014 09:07 pm

I hear ya. I don't mind discussing topics with political rhetoric but so many people don't know how to just calmly debate things. I guess the internet will always be an anonymous platform for crazies.

Pat McCann

07/09/2014 11:13 pm

It's obvious that we're all being brainwashed to be into soccer. Well I'm sick of it. Not just the soccer, but the constant media barrage. Soccer's boring - deal with it, World.

Alejandro Ordorica.

07/10/2014 01:05 pm

Ve a que te follen el ano,Ve a que alguien se folle a tu novia, ve a que se cojan sueavemente y con respeto tus malnacidos deportes gringos. Y deja de joder a tu madre con el soccer.

Erik Albinsson

07/10/2014 01:09 pm

Stop the doodles in the US, they don't want them, don't appreciate them. But please, leave it like that for the rest of the world,Google, we adore them.

James Walker

07/11/2014 08:47 pm

Thanks for that, I think that I speak for everyone here when I say to you. Meh...


07/11/2014 10:20 pm

OMG this is too funny! I know nothing about Soccer, yet I think the doodles are fun. I loved them and now I want more. But seriously people…who CARES?? It's just a doodle, type in what you want to search and hit enter…get a life and have some fun.


07/12/2014 07:19 pm

seriously ENOUGH already soccer is a horrible sport, Id rather jump in a piranha tank wearing a MEAT suit that watch ANY OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christopher Stokes

07/12/2014 11:15 pm



07/13/2014 12:13 am

I just used Adblock Plus (in Firefox) to kill those stinkin' doodles forever! Now I get a nice, fresh, blank Google homepage - it's a big improvement.

Patrick S

07/13/2014 01:19 am

Thanks for the tip ScrewBot. I set the filter to block everything from doodles. Its too bad that they make it so hard to complain directly to Google. If it were easier, they might understand how many people hate these soccer doodles.

Tim G. Carter

07/13/2014 03:42 am

The soccer stuff is distracting, annoying and overemphasized on google. I am tired of it! A day or two ok but enough is enough. I weary of it, enough to think about looking more into Bing!


07/13/2014 03:54 am

Google logos are annoying as it is - now with FIFA logos I have been using different search engine. Even more annoying on mobile devices when you tap into search field only to find you have been duped by the animated logos appearing at the last second and you have tapped that link instead. Waste of time, old hat crap that Google really needs to think about.


07/13/2014 05:49 am

After a while, that solution stopped working. Now I'm using the Firefox home page instead.


07/13/2014 05:54 am

I'm from the rest of the world and soccer makes me puke.


07/13/2014 06:02 am

That Adblock tweak stopped working after a while, don't know why. So I set my home page to: That's a Google page WITH NO DOODLE! Yay! (Just the regular Google logo).


07/13/2014 07:28 am

That's because you are an idiot.


07/13/2014 07:29 am

It's not soccer they're trying to brainwash you into, it's globalism.


07/13/2014 07:31 am

The real message of the doodles? "You will accept globalism and you will like it." And for the love of God, they didn't give anywhere near this much exposure to the freakin' Olympic Games!

Lisa Rahon

07/13/2014 03:12 pm

i had to change to bing, not only are they annoying, the one that had the bouncing ball literally gave me a headache.


07/13/2014 03:23 pm

Matches are fixed and games nearly always involve innocent fans getting hurt and killed and vandalism in the host city. The game should be banned. Parents who bring children to games should be investigated for child endangerment. We dont understand how you can justify acting like a bunch of animals.


07/13/2014 03:30 pm

great. how would you like a month of "handball" doodles? Thats how i feel.


07/13/2014 03:34 pm

you and american are actually the only 2 political nutwings on this site so far :P


07/13/2014 03:44 pm

...utterly... ...detest...!!!


07/13/2014 05:24 pm

Yes..Americans do not know about Soccer. The rest of the world inlcuding India and China which has more than half of the worlds population is passionate of Soccer. Hence we appreciate Googles efforts in showcasing football and world cup. Well done Google!


07/13/2014 05:43 pm

I am definitely sick of the doodles. They used to be 'somewhat' inspirational or have some deeper meaning or creativity behind them. I believe they are equally as annoying to most Americans who generally don't idealize soccer, as some hockey, football (American football) or Baseball logos going on for weeks on end would be to the rest of the world. I personally could care less about the world cup, but Google is Global, and needs not press a specific part of the world's interest into every search engine page in the Americans home.

James Walker

07/13/2014 08:29 pm



07/13/2014 08:35 pm

i want the nice clean google logo that doesn't bounce and distract, its okay once in a while like a little surprise, but enough World cup already.

Max Krieger

07/14/2014 12:28 am

Google needs to STFU with it already.


07/14/2014 10:21 am

THANK GOD IT'S OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

James Walker

07/15/2014 07:26 pm

That's "Wing Nut" and I'm not one for anyone. Understanding a misconception doesn't mean you accept it.


07/16/2014 02:41 pm



07/16/2014 02:57 pm

LOVE THE DOODLES!! I don't care if it's soccer or whatever it is. Nobody is "required" to sit there and stare at them. If one gets a headache from watching them, then why continue to stare at them?? Seems it would take quite a bit of time to develop a headache. If one does not want to see them and have a lighthearted chuckle, then one can just get along with their search business and move on. I believe the creators of the Doodles were just trying to be supportive of this World Cup, especially since our own men were playing in it. There are many, many of us who do not receive the soccer games/score on our TV, and this is helpful to them. If someone does not want to see them, they have the freedom to not look at them, or switch search engines. But why spoil the fun for the 1000's of us who DO enjoy the doodles - soccer, football, spring picnic, or whatever it is?? Why slander them/anyone with negativity, rather than looking at the creativeness of these brilliant computer minds who only meant to give the world a bit of cheer -- a chuckle for the day? It's easy to be negative and put down another's ideas and accomplishments, but for some it's not as easy to be encouraging and uplifting. I personally miss the Doodles -- whatever they be. They are my morning laugh. Please lighten up and just enjoy.


07/18/2014 02:31 pm

i hate "doodles". stupid useless crap. makes you feel retarded. that's not art.

Raymond B.

07/21/2014 02:57 pm

It worked for me in Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. (my comment is too late)

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