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SMX Israel 2014I am incredibly happy to let you all know that I am chairing SMX Israel again in 2014 on January 26, 2014 - a Sunday. Go ahead - register now.

The show started off as a social gathering of like-minded people and now is more of an education and professional networking event.

The date is Sunday, January 26th and is at the Inbal Hotel in Jerusalem. The hotel provides an outstanding service, including the location, the incredible food, the space and WiFi that actually works!

Typically, the conference sells out early, so I urge you, if you are thinking of attending, register now. It is by far the cheapest SMX event you can go to. It only costs $150 if you register now, I think the price expires in 30 days and then goes up. The price includes full access to all the sessions, an outstanding lunch, free Wifi, networking and much more.

For those Americans who have never been to Israel, there is so much history, culture and amazing things to see. I'd recommend you give yourself at least 5 days to tour and enjoy, and spend a day at the conference. I actually timed it to coincide with the American Jewish day school break, so those American's who are off can plan a trip to Israel with the family and also do some work and networking while away.

I hope to announce more details on how to pitch to speak in the upcoming weeks. I'd like to formally thank our sponsors as well including Analytics Ninja, Majestic SEO, Universal McCann Search, Trusted Proxies, ZEFO, Rapidfire Consulting, AdCore, Kenshoo, Pixel/Point Press, aimClear & the Inbal Hotel. If you are interested in sponsoring, please contact me.

For a recap of the previous events, see SMX Israel 2013 recap and SMX Israel 2012 recap.

For more information about the event, see and please register ASAP - we will sell out!

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10/17/2013 01:07 pm

Have always wanted to visit Israel (catholic school will do that to you)... ...time to begin pestering the boss to make this a work expense.


10/17/2013 01:52 pm

"For those Americans who have never been to Israel, there is so much history, culture and amazing things to see." What about the Europeans, Asians, Africans, Australians who have never been to Israel ? Not so much history, culture and amazing things to see .... ??)

Barry Schwartz

10/17/2013 01:54 pm

It was aimed at people who have off during the winter break. I don't think European's winter break is around then? I can be wrong?


10/17/2013 02:11 pm

I'm not very familiar with any breaks, working 24/7. Just tell me - is the amount of history, culture and amazing things to see in Israel equal for all planet Earth inhabitants or there are differences, depending from the continent of origin ? I'm a bit nervous after your statement above )

Barry Schwartz

10/17/2013 02:26 pm

It's an historic place. One of many.


10/17/2013 03:50 pm

Hm ... I'm nervous even more after this vague reply.

Barry Schwartz

10/17/2013 03:53 pm

I honestly don't get what you are saying. What is the issue exactly?


10/17/2013 04:38 pm

He is just trolling you about your use of the word 'Americans'. I find it hard to believe that he actually thinks you meant that only Americans would find history, culture and things to see. If he does think this then...he is a crazy person and the response should be treated as if he were just trolling.


10/17/2013 05:01 pm

Excuse me, I'm not the medium to feel the aura around Barry's words. I read what is written. It's very sad when Jewish boy and boy from catholic school, don't know that dividing people by any criteria is inappropriate. Try to read a bit of history of your own people and your bibles. (Probably you, religious guys, will be surprised, but holy texts not only to make money selling them.) And sure it's trolling, when someone tells you, that your statements are questionable at least. What else can it be ? ))

Barry Schwartz

10/17/2013 05:03 pm

I honestly didn't mean anything by it, either ethically, religiously or anything. It is a cool place to visit. People play up Las Vegas, New York City, Paris, London, Stockholm, etc. Why can't I play up Jerusalem?


10/17/2013 05:46 pm

Not religious, just went to catholic school. Continue your trolling, Anti.


10/17/2013 06:18 pm

Well, thank you for your permission, but I'll not pay for your Israel trip anyway. Pleasure your boss. This is your only chance.


10/17/2013 06:27 pm

Then, probably, being the reporter (do you want it or not) with worldwide audience you should select words you use more wisely. Otherwise sooner or later your audience will consist from "ethalons" only, who can't afford such events anyway. Consider it as the friendly suggestion )

Barry Schwartz

10/17/2013 06:29 pm

This site is my personal notebook on search news I read in the forums. It was never meant to be a purely journalistic experience. I hope you find most of the content here useful, at least.


10/17/2013 06:55 pm

Barry, there is no reason to go into this discussion. It's off topic and too time consuming. Also there is no reason to follow Matt Cutts way and force me to believe in what you believe. Do, you believe this is personal notebook? Fine. I see it differently. Until this place is open for everyone, until it's not by invitation only, until then, everyone can see it according to personal point of view. I see it as the Industry News, reported by Barry Schwartz and I expect Barry Schwartz will select words he uses in reports more wisely. Don't want to select? Fine again and happy business with "SEO Experts" and "ethalons" ))

Barry Schwartz

10/17/2013 06:57 pm

I have no way of communicating with you any other way, you didn't leave a real email address. Also, note, I am writing these posts while I am on very little sleep traveling 12 hours to Israel with kids (baby ages). My word selection can be off and I do apologize when it happens.


10/17/2013 07:00 pm

Then pay attention to your kids and have a save travel )

Barry Schwartz

10/17/2013 07:03 pm

That's why I am so tired. I'm doing both. Been up for 37+ hours now.


10/17/2013 07:32 pm

::tries on some pretty outfits:: Eh, the leg hair poking through the hose probably won't get me very far.


10/19/2013 04:16 am

Every Nation has its history and culture not just Israel. Israelis culture is unique to then no more less any other nation's culture is unique to the people of that nation

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