SEOs In 2012: The Big SEO Survey

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SEOmoz announced the results of their big survey where they polled 6,491 respondents on 53 different questions about their jobs and the industry in the SEO world.

You can see the full survey over here.

Here are the key highlights...

What SEOs Work On:

SEOs jobs

SEO Client Budget are still low:

2012 SEO Industry Survey

Top SEO Tools (Google Dominates):

Top SEO Tools

The other tool surveys might be too skewed to share because SEOmoz is a tool provider.

Here are salaries by role:

2012 SEO Industry Survey

Forum discussion at Cre8asite Forums.

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08/21/2012 03:33 pm

I just added on few my sites new section in terms and conditions. New rules prohibit any automatic scanning/indexing of website. Privilege for accessing our website given only for human visitors. Search engine bot will able to index website if send us at least 10 visitors per day. Otherwise that permission will revoked. It not matter what googlebot not able to read text (however Matt Cutts tell what it very smart). My website is my property and only me can define terms of accessing of my site. Googlebot NOT HAVE default accessing permission to my site. So - later it can lead to huge process. My recommendation to all webmasters add similar section to their terms, later we may be will able to using it. Lets google understand what websites is NOT THEIR PROPERTY and them also need to do something if them want to index the web!

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