Only 7% Of SEOs Don't Provide Ranking Reports

Sep 29, 2011 • 8:19 am | comments (11) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Search Engine Industry News

We polled our readers, mostly SEOs, asking Do You Provide SEO Ranking Reports?

The answer is overwhelming yes. We had just under 250 responses and here is the break down:

  • 66% always provide ranking reports to clients
  • 25% provide only upon request
  • 7% never provide ranking reports

SEO Ranking Report Results

Do these results surprise you at all?

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Note: This story was written earlier this week and scheduled to be published today.

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Ian Goodall

09/29/2011 12:26 pm

I understand that clients want to see that you have done work but surely we need to move beyond ranking reports and start looking at things that really matter to the client i.e. traffic and revenue from natural search.

Dan Bochichio

09/29/2011 12:27 pm

Not entirely shocked.  I'd assume most people provide reports but there's always going to be a handful of people/agencies who don't.  I tend to provide an end of the month link report, ranking report (with information on how it correlates with the previous month), and an "upcoming month" strategy/plan so they can get a preview of what to expect.  I also don't have big brand clients, just a lot of locals, so it's easier to provide extra details without spending to much extra time doing so.

SEO Auditors

09/29/2011 01:31 pm

In the agency world, we always provide ranking reports to our clients. It is one of the metrics we use to validate key performance indicators.  

Ben Johnston

09/29/2011 01:35 pm

Not really a shock. Ultimately - in the initial stages, at least - most companies take SEO's on to improve their search engine positions, so it makes sense to provide reports on that. I always feel that the trick is to make sure that the report also features actionable metrics like traffic, conversions, revenue, bounce rate and such forth so you and the client have clear goals beyond ranking numbers.

SEO Auditors

09/29/2011 01:42 pm

Well said Ben. That is exactly the kind of metrics we provide in our ranking reports.  When  we show the impact of improved rankings to our clients, whether it be an increase in sales, leads or any other metric, we prove the value of organic search. 


09/29/2011 05:47 pm

Ranking reports? This is 2007. 

Bliss SEO

09/30/2011 04:06 am

Ranking reports are just one of three report types we provide, the other two are traffic sources from Google Analytics along with the Search Engine traffic report from Google Analytics. While we also give advice on conversions and try to assist that with proper keyword selection, it's not what our clients are paying us for.

Govind Singh

09/30/2011 12:53 pm

 Hello Nick!! I don't know why you give reply here as Ranking report ? It's every cleint want at least once in a month where they rank or not !! i surrprised why 7 % webmaster not send it...?


10/02/2011 05:09 pm

I give the client Google Anayltics reports and I tell them how to go into Google Analytics and how to use it so they can check it whenever they want.


10/04/2011 09:47 am

We are in the list of 66% :-) We believe that if client demand or not, we have to provide the ranking reports. We are manually build this reports for our clients as per their requirements.


10/04/2011 12:45 pm

Always show ranking data but put conversions/roi data at the beginning of the monthly report. Be interesting to know what those in the Never group report on

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