SEO Pricing: Is The Price Is Right

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SEO: The Price is RightThere is an excellent topic at Sphinn asking how do you price your SEO projects.

Overall, many charge flat rates based on how much they anticipate the project will cost them. But some charge hourly. Some charge by feature or service. Most charge monthly.

Let me quote some of the well known SEOs who describe how they charge:

Jill Whalen:

I have been keeping track of my time for all client work for many years, so I have a good idea of how long it takes me to do things for most projects. Since I'm a solo consultant, it's fairly easy to price things out based on that knowledge and the kind of profit I want to make on each project.

A few projects will take longer than I expect, but most go the other way so it balances out in the end.

For the most part, I don't price based on an hourly rate though, but more in what I think it is worth for the client.

Julie Joyce:

We actually calculated our labor costs for 6 months in order to determine what we should be charging for labor for one link IF we buy that link. We have another range of costs for guest posts depending upon the niche, if we go that route. With anything else we do, it's usually a custom cost that depends upon how tough the niche is and how tough the method will be.

Nick LeRoy:

I'll admit, my pricing can at times be sporadic for monthly clients. I do keep in consideration my hourly rate and how many hours I estimate I would spend per month on the project. Sometimes you make an extra couple bucks if you overbid but then others you lose a couple bucks if you underbid. I also think its important to keep in consideration your level of interest in the project too.

How do you price your SEO pricing?

For me, if someone wants my SEO advice, I just bill them hourly. Although I rarely give SEO advice outside of this site.

Forum discussion at Sphinn.

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Chris Boggs

08/25/2011 01:19 pm

lol Barry "although I don't always give SEO advice, when I do, it's on this site."  The most interesting marketer in the world. :p

Barry Schwartz

08/25/2011 01:21 pm

You think?


08/25/2011 01:24 pm

you know the "Dos Equis" beer commercial?  if not you won't get that comment.  but yes I do actually think you are the most interesting search marketer. :)

Barry Schwartz

08/25/2011 01:27 pm


Nick Stamoulis

08/25/2011 02:24 pm

If I'm doing SEO training or SEO consulting, I charge an hourly rate. For contract clients I base my pricing on how many hours of work I think are going into a monthly strategy, using past work as a template.  For the most part my clients seem fine with what I charge. I have noticed that people looking for social media marketing management still don't want to pay though.


08/25/2011 05:47 pm

We have a set matrix of pricing for links based on certain quality metrics. We determine the required number of links at a certain quality and price accordingly, although ultimately the client is only charged the value of the links acquired or the quoted price - whichever is lower. Consulting, of course, is done hourly.


08/25/2011 06:35 pm

We also bill hourly. Most of our website design clients decide to go on a monthly maintenance plan which includes website updates, SEO and online marketing consulting. Each month they will receive one-on-one marketing consulting on how to update and promote their site which will then by implemented. They like to keep their budget consistent and receive the SEO perks of continuing to add fresh content each month.


08/25/2011 09:30 pm

I typically charge by the project - based on an estimate of how long it will take to complete.

Via Madison

08/27/2011 05:51 am

I charge by the hour and per article basis. For other clients, it's fixed rate per month, still based on number of articles.   Via


08/29/2011 09:07 am

i charge per minimum fee and after result i charge defending on keyword and search volume.

Pooja Kaur

08/29/2011 10:34 am

Many charge flat rates based on how much they anticipate the project will cost them. But some charge hourly. Some charge by feature or service. Most charge monthly. digital advertising,, search engines, SEO services,

James McInally

08/29/2011 10:52 am



08/29/2011 01:45 pm

Likewise above, we create a Link Mix which is to deployed over the coming months, we charge a monthly retainer and then acquire the links needed with a % of a budget they pay us, time, lights, electric etc comes out of this spend... hourly rate for on page alterations... account management and consultancy are also in the spend above... 

Mark Asciak

08/31/2011 03:54 am

Our campaigns are charged monthly although that is based on a set amount of hours per campaign.

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