SEO Link Building Job Interview Question

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SEO Job InterviewA HighRankings Forum thread has a person going on a job interview set with the task to come up with ideas on how to get "natural links" for a site in a specific niche.

The SEO job applicant said he is new to the space, only got the interview because of his/her "enthusiasm." Outside of that, the applicant needs to prepare for the task of a session of "brain storming" on "ideas about natural link building." The specific niche is a "motorcyclist company selling equipment, parts and clothes need to build natural links and i need to put suggestions forward."

The question is, is the SEO company asking a trick question? How do you naturally build links? Isn't that, by definition, unnatural?

In any event, the folks at HighRankings forums gave the applicant some advice.

The job interview is probably over by the time this story goes live but it does make for an interesting topic.

Forum discussion at HighRankings Forum.

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10/21/2011 03:05 pm

If you think about it like PR its not in any way unnatural. You inform people about your product via a news story or press release. If there is a natural interest in your product then naturally people will start linking to you.


10/21/2011 04:01 pm

The real answer is make a quality product.

Michael Martinez

10/21/2011 05:20 pm

SEO firms should not be asking for this kind of preparation for an interview.


10/21/2011 08:17 pm

lol white hat seo white hat seo lol

DC Marketing

10/22/2011 12:30 am

Weird stuff. But you'll never know-that could work! lol

Tim Dineen

10/22/2011 01:24 am

Being proactive is not unnatural! It's smart.

greg nazvanov

10/23/2011 04:28 pm

Just paid seo experts for advice on and they suggested it's best to have a normally flowing content without any optimisation.  Is this true?  Then they said they are building links.  Is it then better not to pay someone to do it?

David Robertson

10/23/2011 09:32 pm

I want the guy that makes it look natural but has the best quality techniques that couldn't be anything but efficient link and traffic building. purposeful "natural" expansion of internet real estate. Good thing that guy is me.


10/24/2011 03:38 pm

You can't "build" natural links. The act of building links implies that you're actively seeking to create  links. Natural links are 3rd party links without your request/knowledge. So this whole task is completely nonsensical. Now, if you say "build natural looking links" it's a different story.

Pozycjonowanie Gdynia

10/24/2011 07:30 pm

You're right, but natural link building = build natural looking links. Its only the same thing;)


10/24/2011 10:48 pm

It's not the same thing. Natural link building is done by people who link to you and your content. Link baiting articles would result in natural link building. Building natural looking links would require you to actively pursue links on external sites etc... So either the SEO company was looking for a clever response or they got their tongue twisted... or they are clueless (good chance of that these days)


10/25/2011 12:33 am

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10/29/2011 10:55 pm

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11/23/2011 02:01 am

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