Google: Don't Worry About Small Number Of Related Sites

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google puzzleA Google Webmaster Help thread has one webmaster who has three web sites on different domains but the sites are very similar. There is one main company site with "two sites dedicated to two lines of specific product," said the site owner.

This webmaster wants to tell Google they are related web sites and should treat them as such.

Google's John Mueller told the webmaster not to worry about it, he said:

When you have a handful of sites like that, I wouldn't worry about Google -- we'll figure it out on our own. Think about what makes the most sense for your users and implement that.

Of course, for a larger number of sites and larger sites in general, you may want to help Google along with the cross domain canonical but for small sites, Google says not to worry.

It is interesting to see a webmaster talk about these issues because it isn't all that uncommon.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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vibhu satpaul

02/24/2014 07:46 pm

Some people would still get this all wrong figured and make different sense to this.


02/25/2014 05:05 pm

for somebody copy & paste is ok, when for another hq unique content is not ok. welcome to new low quality world of google.

Harmony Ball

02/25/2014 08:13 pm

What is a "handful" of sites? and what is a "Larger number of sites"? ... pretty vague

Harmony Ball

02/25/2014 08:20 pm

this comment "we'll figure it out on our own" would tend to suggest that Google uses site owner data from Whois, WMT and other sources ?

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