Video Parody: Google's Cutts On Ranking #1

May 15, 2012 • 8:19 am | comments (13) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Sam Applegate put together this awesomely funny video mashup of Matt Cutts on how to rank number one in Google. As you can see, he took dozens of videos from the Google Webmaster YouTube Channel and pieced them together to make a hilarious video parody.

Here is the video parody:

I had to share this with everyone - it is just too funny.

Now, if you are new to SEO, none of the advice as it appears is real - it is a joke.

That being said, it is a really funny joke. I spotted it via Gareth Hoyle.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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Sam Applegate

05/15/2012 12:27 pm

Glad you enjoyed it, Barry. I certainly had a lot of fun making it :-)

Vincent Totino

05/15/2012 12:38 pm

This was a classic. Really funny. I like the shopping list early in the video (54 seconds in). :)


05/15/2012 12:44 pm

The internet is for p0rn! The internet is for p0rn! Why do you think the net was born? P0rn! P0rn! P0rn!


05/15/2012 01:24 pm

Hilarious, Barry. Thanks

Dali Burgado

05/15/2012 01:32 pm

This is hilarious, Barry! Thank you for the laugh LMAO!!!


05/15/2012 04:06 pm

This is so funny, I was crying laughing

Liam Carey

05/16/2012 03:31 pm

Brilliant!! This has been coming for a loooooong time.... Matt is such a nice guy, I'm sure he'll see the funny side of it.

Kenneth von Rauch

05/16/2012 08:41 pm

Damn, this is hillarious! :)


05/16/2012 09:21 pm

This video is awesome. :) Nicely done.

James Dunn

05/17/2012 08:38 am

No link back to Gareth Hoyle?? For shame, for shame!! :P

James Dunn

05/17/2012 09:02 am

Forget the last comment, just saw the link. Sorry!

Ashraful Ayan

05/19/2012 02:37 pm

I wish this is would be the method of Ranking #1 in Google. :-)

Abner Allarey

12/05/2012 11:46 am

i got tears in my eyes...this is so funny!!! becareful! i hope you don't get de-indexed!

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