Quality Is A Google Ranking Factor But What Is It?

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qualityThere is a deep discussion going on at WebmasterWorld on how Google defines quality and if quality is a ranking factor.

(1) There is no doubt in my mind that "quality" is a ranking factor in Google. What quality is exactly isn't always easy to define. But with Panda and Google's other updates, quality is a key factor in Google's ranking algorithm.

(2) How do we define "quality"? That is a good question. It is not as easy as looking at AdWords "Quality Score" algorithm, it is much more complex. Google probably has dozens of different metrics for various elements of quality. Some of those metrics include link quality, content quality, page layout quality, and so much more.

Of course, to get a glimpse of what Google is looking for in terms of quality, just go back to Amit's high quality post on the Google blog in regards to helping Panda sufferers.

The WebmasterWorld thread is trying to break down each element of quality but is that effort worth while?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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H8 Liars

03/21/2012 04:41 pm

"Quality" content is from a site that makes money for Google.  I just looked at Amit's stupid rules for content and sites that don't obey them like Huff Post and Gawker are always on #1. Amit is more concerned with manipulating search to increase adwords revenue than your site. 97% of Google's money from Adwords /Adense so Amit Singhal and Matt Cutts are always tweaking the serps for maximum profit for Google. Google - Everything is about money. They have no morals or ethics.


03/21/2012 06:33 pm

Why do so many expect some type of moral conscience from a corp? First page results riddled with $b brands, google adwords, google affiliates. Its their search engine, why show some lowly spammy site just because they know how to game seo? Good for you google, cleaning up the search process.


03/21/2012 10:33 pm

Google is a fraud right now, kicking out sites that don't make it any money and keeping those that do. Forget quality grounds I have 4 content writers writing my content and they have banned my site for low quality content whilst their is a site top right now with no content on it at all. Quality my back side, it is a joke and since deindexing my sites from Google I can build the sites up without the fear of being punished and having to lay staff off because of a sudden drop in revenue when Google fancies it. Under no circumstances will I be filling Google's pockets. Plus correctly formatted and marketed, facebook provides 60% of customers to my site (news site). Google will be irrelevant in 4-5 years time and if they carry on it may be quicker than that. Once the Chinese launch their rivals in the coming years it is game on.

Video Conferencing

03/22/2012 09:19 am

Even i don't know what Google is trying to do or test, because i saw ugly results with copied content on position, and sometimes with fresh unique content i am unable to make my position, so it's difficult to configure in which basis and factors Google is positioning any site.

Work At Home

03/22/2012 03:27 pm

I no like Tesder, he like work with Google, Googler. Everythime defend google, always.


03/25/2012 08:16 am

It is the quality Contents that shared and rated by community!

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