Will.i.am Doing A Google + Hangout

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Will.i.am Doing A Google + Hangout

Michael Mozart captured a picture of when Will.i.am of Black Eyed Peas participated in a Google + Hangout while at the GooglePlex with Brett Crosby of Google. He posted the picture on Google +.

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Brett Tabke

09/08/2011 12:35 pm

Is that Brett Crosby of Google Analytics in the background?

Barry Schwartz

09/08/2011 12:36 pm


Brett Tabke

09/08/2011 12:36 pm

Why yes - yes it is (he says as he reads the text...) lol


09/09/2011 02:13 pm

who cares ...this guy was famous in what 2001


09/21/2011 05:54 pm

couldn't they have gotten someone with actual talent?


09/22/2011 01:12 am

Watched 3 minutes of the hang out on aired with Black Eye Peas on 9/21/11--incredible waste of three minutes. That would never sell me on using Google +.

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