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Before there was Google AdWords there was and Overture. Yahoo acquired the company in 2003 and ultimately sold it out and trashed it in place of using Microsoft's Bing Ads.

That being said, a month or so ago, Yahoo had some party to remember that acquisition, by baking cupcakes with GoTo and Overture flags on them for the 10th year anniversary of the acquisition.

Ropp Family posted several pictures of the event on Flickr and uploaded them yesterday. The pictures were taken in October.

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11/18/2013 05:02 pm

Thanks for reminding us of the stupid moves Yahoo did with their acquisitions. Why do they even buy companies if they kill most of them off? It's not like they use any parts of them to make any real money. At least Google does something with what they buy once in a while. I honestly don't know how Yahoo survives to this day.

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