Where Google Street View Cars Sleep

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Google Street View Cars

Richard Hay from Google posted a nice picture of a garage full of Google Street View cars, a fleet of them. I guess this is where they sleep?

The picture is on his Google+ page and from the looks of it, they are European versions.

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Oliver Gassner

08/03/2012 11:49 am

They had better be on the road ;)

Praveen Sharma

08/03/2012 01:39 pm

Cars with eyes. :)

Chris Ainsworth

08/03/2012 03:26 pm

I saw a Street View car in Essex, UK yesterday and it looked nothing like that! These ones have nice shiny Google branding; the one I was was plain blue - how boring! Shame it whizzed past to quick for me to get a photo to show you! :-(

Abdelhafid Cherair

08/03/2012 09:54 pm

and they better provide us with street view for these warehouses ...

Christian Wiese

08/06/2012 09:14 am

They have Hamburg, Germany license plates. :-) Sadly, Street View covers nothing except big cities in Germany at the moment, even though it's not really a big country. :(

Dewaldt Huysamen

08/07/2012 08:32 am

They look awesome Barry

Fred Penner

08/07/2012 09:06 pm

Awesome, license plates not blurred like these ones: http://www.streetviewfunny.com

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