Give Google A Patent & Get An Acrylic Puzzle Piece

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Google Patent Acrylic Puzzle Piece

Josh Armour, a Googler who works on Android security, recently filed a patent with a few co-workers, for Google. To reward Josh Armour, Google gave him this plastic or glass acrylic award that reads:

Thank you for filing your 1st patent application!

Your innovation is a key piece to Google's success.

The Google Patent Team

Josh can't talk about the patent but he is happy to be an inventor, even though his employer owns it.

You can see the post on Google+.

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06/10/2014 04:37 pm

They could have at least made the award look somewhat innovative. At least etch the text, nothing screams innovative like plain black lettering and a boring logo, I'm sure people are lining up for these babies.


06/10/2014 08:28 pm

what kills me is "Your innovation is a key piece to Google's success."... what about Josh? Does he get any commissions or royalties for his invention if Google chooses to incorporate it in a future project or platform/software application? Maybe it is just for recognition which i can appreciate but it looks like he's going to get screwed in the log run. Patients are expensive and maybe he would have never done it himself because of the cost for the patient? With their billions a day I think they could give the man some doe geez.

Comments Disquis

06/10/2014 09:04 pm

There's a big difference between: A). A comforted employee seated between the office AC unit and the payroll department to draft a patent for an amazing company that bought him a desk, a chair and a computer situated on a giant thought-stimulating campus, a company that is paying his rent/mortgage/insurance, losing money on him 1/3 days, paying for the patent, paying the attorneys to review and protect it and providing the shoulders on which his innovation can stand. B). An entrepreneurial inventor who takes responsibility and ownership of his future and fights this enormous high-risk battle on his own. In this case, the inventor did not whine about any imaginary injustice on his Google+ page where this was posted so kudos to him, both for the innovation and the humility. Also congrats to Google for paying a talented someone to do a job and also providing a tangible memento of the event. Nothing to whine about here folks, keep moooooooving.

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