Google Holiday Party GIF

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Google Holiday Party GIF

Vic Gundotra, Google's Senior Vice President of Social, posted an animated picture of the Google holiday party that took place Sunday night at the GooglePlex, I believe. Here is a smaller version of the GIF for you all to see.

Vic wrote, "At the Google+ holiday party tonight. Thank you all for the amazing year. At 2 years old, Google+ is just getting started. Can't wait till 2014."

He shared it publicly on Google+.

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12/10/2013 01:35 pm

At two years old G+ has already managed to annoy large parts of Youtube and Gmail by creating accounts you never wanted, populating those accounts with things you 'might have posted' if you never use it, and attempting to force users to link various Google products to G+ so it can pretend to have users who are actually participating. I never even look at the G+ account that was made for me...and when I did recently, I was amazed at how cram packed full of content it decided I might have wanted to share if I had been using the service actively. Populating someones 'personal space' on a social network for them is a great way to push people even further away. You aren't me G+, you shouldn't feel the right to assume what I like and populate a page as if you were me. Whenever I hear this guy come out and talk about the great leaps in user numbers or the great leaps in user activity on G+, I just want to frame his words and attach them to a plaque reading "Corporate Misinformation for Ignorant Shareholders".


12/10/2013 04:14 pm

What's worse are all of the lives that were ruined thanks to Panda & Penguin, specifically those who did nothing wrong and were white-hat from day one. Happy holidays, though

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