Buying Links With Nofollows

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nofollow paid linksA HighRankings Forum thread has one SEO saying he was asked by another SEO company to sell them a link, a text link. But the weird part is the SEO company specifically asked for the link to be nofollowed.

Typically when you get a request to buy a link, the person requesting specifically wants the link to be clean of nofollows but not in this case.

We have sold several nofollowed links on this site, based on request. Most of the time it has to do with testing Google and sometimes it has to with fear of being caught for buying links and even some people just don't want the link value.

But in most cases it is SEOs trying to test things.

I'd be careful when selling links and even if they do not want it to be followed, they might come back to you later and ask you to remove the nofollow. So be careful and make sure the deal is in writing and includes the nofollow portion of the deal.

That being said, Google says there is nothing wrong with selling links with nofollow - so enjoy.

Forum discussion at HighRankings Forum.

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07/08/2011 01:15 pm

Perhaps they were trying to balance out their link profile. A link profile that only has Do Follow links may appear unnatural

Black Seo Guy

07/08/2011 01:55 pm

Yes that is wired but I think they mainly wanted to do this because of getting free traffic..not a backlinks if you ask me. "Black Seo Guy "Signing Off"

Jenny Lynn

07/08/2011 03:39 pm

They're definitely testing the no-follow campaign to see its impact vs. do follow links. I also saw this.


07/08/2011 04:38 pm

Or maybe they don't believe all the  hype about NoFollow. Come on how often does Google change the way things work. Or say they will never do something - then they do it.


07/08/2011 05:24 pm

Perhaps they are buying NoFollows to average out their link footprint of direct text links making it look more natural and appropriate. Sites of quality have number of NoFollow links as well at hard links.

Kevin Burke

07/09/2011 02:58 am

Where were they trying to buy the link? Surely they would not put a link on thier own site to a competetitors site....


07/09/2011 04:55 am

Nofollow might be used for other purposes, technorati? Not sure if it needs dofollow for to get authority check.


07/09/2011 10:50 am

It's still a link which a real person can follow to a related website.

Jason Lancaster

07/09/2011 08:42 pm

I'd buy a nofollow link if that was the only way to get one from a good site (i.e. a strictly edited Wikipedia page). On sites with a 'global nofollow' policy for all links, Google has got to be ignoring the nofollow instruction and assigning the link some sort of weight.

Vijay Satti

07/10/2011 02:57 pm

Google does not transfer PageRank or anchor text across these links so this means we do not need to follow them.

Nuttakorn Rattanachaisit

07/11/2011 06:01 am

Will tune up for this experimental, it might pass anchor text value. :)


07/11/2011 10:46 am

I can see the value in a nofollow link if it is positioned in the right location. If the link is visible it could generate some nice targeted traffic.

Jordon Meyer

07/11/2011 06:56 pm

I'll take a Comment Link for $500, please. Check's in the mail.

dhaval patel

07/20/2011 11:41 am

Google has got to be ignoring the nofollow instruction and assigning the link some sort of weight.

dhaval patel

07/20/2011 11:41 am

Google has got to be ignoring the nofollow instruction and assigning the link some sort of weight. 

Dhaval Patel

07/20/2011 11:44 am

Google must be aware of the nofollow link instruction and the assignment of a type of weight.  


07/21/2011 08:36 am

I think there is no benefit in taking backlink with "no follow" instruction because in this there is no transfer of  reputation from one site to other but yes it can increase the web traffic.

SEO Professionals

07/31/2011 11:12 pm

Links from good quality web sites will be far more useful to you than poor quality ones. You should check to see that the web site has plenty of text on it that is original to that web site, that the text is of a good standard and that the site is regularly updated. 

Internet Marketing Company

08/10/2011 09:13 am

It is right that there is no issue with nofollow links but this links are not consider in quality backlinks. And for getting rank higher quality backlinks are very important. So indirectly nofollow links are not good for site. Nofollow links can not helpful in getting rank or in any though it useful for more traffic but it is not enough for rank. social bookmarking service

Akash Kumar

09/09/2011 09:16 pm

Many people would want buy a no-follow link just to keep a balance between their all kind of links so that their link profile appears to be natural, that could be another reason of buying a no-follow link.

Ruth Gagne

04/26/2012 01:46 pm

I'd buy a nofollow link if that was the only way to get one from a good site.

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