Does More Content Mean More Search Referrals?

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More PagesA HighRankings Forum thread has discussion around the topic of content and SEO. In short, the webmaster wants to know why that after he has added more content, that his traffic did not pick up.

In short, the more pages you have give you more of a chance to rank well for a more diverse set of keyword phrases and thus should technically lead to more traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Makes sense, doesn't it? That is why many blogs do so well.

Truth is, it doesn't always work like that. Google, now more than ever, don't just want more content, they want content that they feel is quality.

Adding tens of thousands of pages, although a good thing, needed to be added with care and thought. Each and every one of those pages need to be quality. What is quality, I won't get into that here, I've written about it a hundred times.

So while I believe the concept of more pages should equal more traffic. The pages must be deserving of ranking well. If you have more pages that deserve to rank well, then it is a win - win.

Here are two quotes from the thread:

Having more pages that are optimized for different keywords gives you increased opportunity for traffic. It doesn't necessarily mean more traffic, though, since it depends on how popular and how competitive those new keywords are.

It's not just that you add more pages and you get more search coverage and VOILA! you get more traffic.

The pages have to create unique enough value that they can be distinguished from other similar pages by the search engines. Lacking that intrinsic value, they will have to be distinguished by inbound linkage.

Forum discussion at HighRankings Forum.

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Keith Brown

08/02/2011 01:34 pm

"Adding tens of thousands of pages, although a good thing, needed to be added with care and thought. " I agree with you in principal, but there is still too many low quality pages in Google's index to take the "quality" talk seriously. Check off HuffPo and you'll see what I mean. Guess what, they crush it. Dozens of shallow tag pages? Done. Hundreds of comments spun into unique URLs? Done. The illusion of relevancy after mentioning a keyword on hundreds of pages? Priceless.

Antonio Coleman

08/02/2011 02:04 pm

This is why I focus on each page as a whole because this keeps me submitting great content to the search engine and at the same time getting good rankings. "Black Seo Guy "Signing Off"

Nick Stamoulis

08/02/2011 03:17 pm

I think too many site owners are looking for this magic number to make Google like them; the right number of pages on their site, word count, number of links and so forth. It doesn't exist. 10,000 pages with the same paragraph aren't going to do nearly as much for your site as 5 great pages of content.

Maximilien Labadie

08/02/2011 05:47 pm

Good to know, thanks for sharing.


08/02/2011 06:35 pm

Completely agree with you. I think, even having too much content could drive viewers away, and cost us viewer loyalty and the site's reputation. Lately I've been working with a company which gave me really good advice. It's called Dalai Group. You can check the page out at They are really good at what they do.

Rob Abdul

08/03/2011 11:14 am

Q) Does More Content Mean More Search Referrals? A} Yes (Good quality content, without over SEO).

Dewaldt Huysamen

08/03/2011 11:28 am

I agree it does not help one ad more and more content but it is all relatively the same type of content focusing around the same keyphrases etc.


08/03/2011 01:19 pm

Good to know. Quality content is king!


08/04/2011 05:06 am

While lot of content is good and may serve you well for the time being, in coming days it will be more about quality, engagement with readers and social media   


08/09/2011 03:14 pm

yes, good quality content will give you more return visitors

Internet Marketing Company

08/10/2011 09:22 am

Though we provide less content which can unique and quality content then our site will show on top result. Because as all time people demanding fresh content. So it is beneficial to provide less quality content and this can be affect positively on ranking. social bookmarking service

elizabeth spaide

08/10/2011 02:33 pm

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Akash Kumar

09/12/2011 03:01 pm

Well blogs do well because they lots of content but because they have lots of good content. If a blog is just full of useless content that is not going to help much but having lots of good contents would mean more number of links indeed the blog will do well.


11/27/2012 10:10 pm

I have searched and searhed for this answer, your post is very close. BUT I have to say there're more to it then just quality content too. There is also the content age factor that Google detects new and old articles and it believe it's still a work in progress.

Alexander Hemedinger

01/22/2013 07:39 pm

Alas someone with good sense. :)

04/01/2013 09:25 am

Companies that build websites no problem to build many sites with links going to it they want to promote, but they really have a problem to get quality content, quality content comes in exploring the topic that we want to promote, much more difficult to create quality content from a large number of backlinks

Martin Nicholson

05/29/2013 04:50 am

Very true! As they say, "Content is King!" Having too many pages without enough unique value added to the site is Content Saturation.

02/04/2014 07:51 pm

Every little bit helps. I keep being reminded about one blogger's story in , which he took on a posting challenge. The challenge was to write a post a day for 30 days. His finding were that there was considerable growth in traffic, but that it all depended on what he was writing about. It makes sense the more content that a site has the better grasp Google will get as to what the site is about. It may not be necessary on smaller one topic sites, but I think it has become an essential on the larger ones. It, however, must be high quality and searchable.

Jerry Nordstrom

02/16/2014 01:51 am

Simplified: Quality content = clear and consistent match to user queries, re-enforced by user behaviors that Google can track. Expand the number of pages, introduce new topics, lengthen existing articles and you run the risk of diluting the focus of your content breaking the match with critical queries. Creating unique individual pages that in sum present a common theme to Google is how you expand your keyword sets successfully. Saying this is easy, doing it?... well that is how successful SEO companies earn their keep.

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