Pic: Negative Links In Google Webmaster Tools

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In February we reported on webmasters complaining they were seeing negative link counts in Google Webmaster Tools.

Today, I spotted a thread at Google Webmaster Help showing this actually happening. A picture really proves it.

GWT Negative Link Counts

I am not sure how a site can remove links from a link count, but somehow this report is showing negative link counts from omnique.com, which is cool. Maybe SEOs can learn something from this?

In addition, there is another Google Webmaster Help thread that shows links from domains that do not exist. At least, it shows by IP address, which can happen.

In both cases, Googlers promised to escalate the bug upwards to be fixed.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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James Holden

07/04/2011 04:27 pm

Looks more like a bug to me. They may be subtracting duplicate links, for example footer links, from the total count. If they've not got the right number to begin with, then this could result in a negative. How do you define a negative link anyway?

Ricardo Vidallon

07/04/2011 04:40 pm

Scary cool!

Davide De Maestri

07/04/2011 08:19 pm

This is cool, maybe the possibility to remove unwanted links is near...


07/05/2011 09:10 am

 it is) but then will appear some new things and tools to not let this one work in a correct way) this is life))

Seo Services

07/05/2011 12:30 pm

It's really cool. I could not expect such error from Google before. How it could be resolved or it is correct?

Wallpaper Clicks

07/10/2011 01:38 pm

Thanks for sharing. I hope this will be taken care of asap. 

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