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Microsoft AdsThere is a thread at the Microsoft Advertising Forum with complaints from some advertisers over how to control where your Microsoft adCenter ads are shown.

Within adCenter you can also target sites for your ads to be displayed on. This is similar to AdSense but on Microsoft. The issue is, some are saying they do not have enough control to block certain sites. One advertiser said:

Previously we were able to exclude Microsoft properties from our ads appearing. Since the merger, we're no longer able to exclude some of these properties from our content network ads. This has caused a HUGE spike in my cost per acquisition. To a point of where I've actually had to shut off some of my campaigns I previously ran.

Microsoft support representatives are trying to help this advertiser. They suggested that they currently only offer exclusions for content sites not syndicated search sites. Not allowing exclusion in this case. But this in not the case, as the advertiser said.

So then Microsoft admitted that "there are certain sites that cannot be excluded in our website exclusion list." Obviously this enraged the advertiser, so the Microsoft once again tried to offer another alternative.

She said, "You have the option to create an adgroup distributed only to certain sites on our content network as well. Not all sites are included in this option but if you prefer you can create a content only ad group and bid on certain networks and websites instead of keywords."

I doubt this will make this advertiser happy. Bottom line, advertisers want complete control of where their ads show up.

Forum discussion at Microsoft Advertising Forum.

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Rick Bucich

04/12/2011 11:22 pm

Advertisers who sell family oriented products who are sensitive to customer perception will want 100% control over where their ads end up. At a prior company, we would get enraged customers who indicated they would never do business with us again because we were paying for advertising (financially supporting) sites that they did not agree with. People like to visit sites they hate, like listeners of Howard Stern.


11/30/2011 08:44 pm

I just cancelled my adcenter account after many years and am devoting all money to adwords. Yahoo/MS adcenter is a bumbling excuse for a service. I went around and around with them trying to get the sites I had blocked actually blocked. Multiple people said that you can block sites for non-search owned properties for the SEARCH (not content) option. After weeks of no resolution and no way to fix the problem they finally admitted that it just doesn't work. They actually wanted me to test how their system works. That's enough for me. They are complete idiots. I can' t believed a class action lawsuit hasn't happened as a result of this.  THEY DON'T BLOCK THE SITES EVEN WHEN BLOCKED. SCAM.


05/07/2012 09:55 pm

adcenter is the worst as it gets! They over charge me 1000.00+ every billing cycle i have two diffrent programs to keep track of ads and they are over charging and admitting they over charged. I have recorded phone calls of them lying about giving me a refund and putting me on hold for multiple hours. This is now going to be a legal issue.


01/07/2013 10:19 am

Adcenter is an A bunch of crooks they initially blocked my account then again reactivate it after 6month keep taking money from my credit card and suddenly blocked my account without any reason....Worst company spoild my online business giving me a big loss... Such idiot people do not even care saying why the hell the do this....

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