Miss The Live Q&A With Google's Matt Cutts? Here It Is.

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Matt Cutts LiveYesterday, Matt Cutts did a live YouTube broadcast with webmasters. Kind of a last minute thing, right before the anti-trust hearing.

This is the second time he did this, last time was in March.

For those who missed it, Michael Wyszomierski from Google posted the archived version of the video for everyone. Here it is:

I was not able to watch it all, but I am sure there are some good questions and answers in the 45 minute Q&A session.

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09/22/2011 02:11 pm

"Kind of a last minute thing, right before the anti-trust hearing." --- Kind of a last minute PR trick for a snake-oil salesman: 'Google is nice, Google is fair, don't believe what you're about to hear. I'm a nice guy, thus Google is nice, helpful, Panda is your fault, new 30 day challenge coming, Danny S will do a good job describing the event, suggest what book to read in 2014, Googlers much smarter than you, we put users first'


09/22/2011 04:49 pm

My Questions: Why Google favors brand names? Why Panda is so fond of big brands? What about the small businesses? The peasants? Why G acts like a monopoly slapping Google-Shopping competitors, competitors to Google-Maps? Are we going to let them further destroy our economy or are we going to wake up in time to save small local and online businesses? Unfortunately, when you have such a massive impact on the global economy as a whole, governments should take notice. It boggles my mind that any government has yet to tell Google firmly NO to any of their business practices.


09/22/2011 09:28 pm

I dont Believe it Barry, " He Mentioned you name There and you dont even know?


09/23/2011 06:09 am

Matt Cuts and Sinhal Amit cook Google algo.

Dewaldt Huysamen

09/26/2011 03:57 pm

I am just worried that I am still not showing up when it comes to authorship in the SERPs. I wonder if this is due to me being a South African. :-)

Ross Dunn

10/14/2011 07:09 pm

Hey all, it took me nearly a month but I created a detailed archive of the questions and answers in written format here: http://www.stepforth.com/blog/2011/google-questions-answers-matt-cutts-live-qa-sept-21-2011/. You might find this easier to scan than watching the video if time is tight.

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