Matt Cutts: Google Distinguished Engineer

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Matt Cutts: Google Distinguished EngineerI wanted to congratulate Matt Cutts on behalf of the search marketing community for his new title at Google, "Distinguished Engineer."

Danny Sullivan noticed that on his last blog post, his title was updated to Matt Cutts, Distinguished Engineer from Matt Cutts, Principal Engineer.

His boss, Google Fellow, Amit Singhal confirmed this promotion on Twitter saying:

Thanks to @dannysullivan for noticing @mattcutts' promotion -- a longtime friend and a "distinguished" colleague.

Matt Cutts also confirmed it on Twitter by thanking me for the congrats.

Matt is not only instrumental at Google for helping to build the world class search engine with Amit Singhal and Ben Gomes (also a distinguished engineer) and their team but has also revolutionized webmaster and search engine communication. In 2001, over a 10 years ago, he came to WebmasterWorld under the GoogleGuy alias to help webmasters. He comes to dozens of conferences, helped set up the webmaster support team, webmaster tools, does YouTube videos, answers questions in many forums and also on Twitter.

Matt is the face of Google to most search marketers and he deserves a huge amount of credit for helping to bridge that gap between search engineers and the search industry.

Congrats to Matt from all of us in the search industry!

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11/15/2011 02:45 pm

Barry, speak for yourself not on behalf of the search industry. What Matt did in 2001 in no way excuses his lies and spin as Google drives small sites out of business. Matt got promoted for being a very effective manipulator and a world class liar. What he did then and what he does now serve Google and Matt' pockets, in 2001 they needed our help to gain market share, now they need us t be quiet as Google rips us off.

Simon Garrett

11/15/2011 03:07 pm

Everything Barry said appears to be true. Perhaps he shouldn't have spoken for the entire community, but factually he's correct. If you disagree with him, present your evidence, otherwise stop being so venomous. It's easy to pull someone down, and gratifying if you yourself feel weak and ignored; it's much harder to be constructive.


11/15/2011 03:11 pm

Amen.  Will never have any respect for Cutts.  He would make a great politician.

Barry Schwartz

11/15/2011 04:02 pm

You guys are not nice. 


11/15/2011 04:15 pm

If he is to get credit for the updates to Google searches, then he is also to blame for the fallout. If the latest Panda updates actually improved the Google search, I would say that he deserves a pat on the back because the user is what Google should be concerned about.  But, Google has not improved its search engine. If anything, you see more garbage at the top of searches. Google has destroyed so many jobs and independent businesses during a recession for nothing. So much original good content has been put out of view of readers.


11/15/2011 06:24 pm

Matt Cutts, Distinguished BS Artist with no street cred among hackers. Amit Singhal is an engineer, Matt Cutts was a mediocre programmer from a fourth tier school that got lucky. He does, however know where all 'the bodies are buried' and is effective in pushing Google's BS so Google needs to keep him happy.

Derrick Wheeler

11/15/2011 09:44 pm

Matt is a gentleman.  Spammers don't like him.


11/15/2011 09:53 pm

What does this mean? Is it just a fancy title or is his role changing?

Barry Schwartz

11/15/2011 09:54 pm

If I had to guess, something like getting tenure in university.


11/15/2011 11:43 pm

Matt threatened to quit so they paid him off with a meaningless title and lots of money.  Google has changed and Matt is getting lots of flak, as he is Google's lying public face.


11/16/2011 11:10 am

Does that mean he gets a wage rise?Sounds a bit weird to me. More like some rank you would get when playing an online game . . . aah perhaps that is what it is, all just a game!Notorious might be a more interesting title since the launch of the Panda algorithm.I think if I was at a aparty and someone asked me what I did for a living I would be embarrassed to say "I am a Distinguished Engineer". A Principal engineer sounds a lot better.

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