Poll: Do You Do Link Exchanges With Competitors?

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link exchangesA WebmasterWorld thread asks other link builders if they would ever do a link exchange with a competitor.

Typically, you would think you'd never want to link over to a competitor. In fact, we ran a poll on this type of topic back in 2009 and most SEOs said they would not link to a competitor. But one person said it depends, the WebmasterWorld response so far read:

If it benefits your end user, why not? Unless its a fierce competitor selling your widget for half the price you sell it for always get the link anytime its relevant and benefits your end user.

Try not to make linking decisions based on how you think its going to affect your site's search rankings.

Please take my anonymous poll and let me know if you would exchange links with competitors. I am not simply asking if you would link to competitors, I asked that already. I am not asking if you would exchange links with a competitor.

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03/30/2011 01:30 pm

don't do link building.... keeps me on google's good side.

Nick Stamoulis

03/30/2011 02:10 pm

Normally I advise clients to shy away from link exchanges, except in cases like this. When companies have a legitimate reason to link to each others, sometime it benefits everyone. I really like seeing competitors commenting on my blog and linking back to there site, because it means I'm doing something right. Is is that big of step to link directly over to them?


03/30/2011 05:13 pm

Not all link building is bad... What about doing a guest post on someone else's blog? Or how about creating a piece of viral marketing? Or maybe running a give away.

Ryan Bradley

03/30/2011 07:46 pm

The only type of link exchanges that are good are normal editorial links. You may link to a competitors site when writing up a blog post. And they might do the same. Google will not penalize you for those type of "link exchanges". Technically, they're not even link exchanges.


03/30/2011 08:00 pm

I'm sure he is being sarcastic


03/31/2011 08:58 am

If applied selectively, link exchange with competitors could be a way to create a legal "cartel". When strong competitors link to each other, there's a good chance it will mutually strengthen them, thus raising the entry barrier for any other company/site trying to break into the top ranks in search. When relatively weak competitors cooperate this way, they might elevate themselves as a group (but their being weak to begin with, that may not work as well as with strong players defending their turf...)

Sharepoint Recovery

03/31/2011 11:16 am

My website is about some software so if i do link exchange with competitors user from my website may jump on competitors website this is loss of quality use so i never do link exchange with competitors


04/01/2011 12:41 am

Many Competitors have different streghts that me I always felt (like google thinks) It is all about the end user experience. If company A is good it widget A and not so good at widget B. Company B would ultimatly benifit recommending John Q public to company A for widget A. That gives clout to your specialty in widget B. If A & B are to fiercly competitive start a C (who moved the cheese)

SEO Professionals

08/10/2011 07:03 pm

There are a variety of link exchange networks. A few of the more popular ones are Link Market, Links4Trade, LinksManager, and LinkMetro. Some of these networks may help you save time, but do not look for them to be a complete solution to your link building campaign. Most of the sites listed in link exchange hubs have no link values.

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