Poll: Give Page A Grade As CEO Of Google

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Larry PageIn January, Google's co-founder and now CEO for the past year, was named CEO of the year but there are many critics of his work in the past year.

Larry Page wrote a letter to the shareholders named 2012 Update from the CEO. You can read the whole letter there and then decide for yourself.

Here is a poll, do you think he did a good job? Grade him in the poll below:

There is a lot of discussion at WebmasterWorld about his letter between webmasters and SEOs but I don't want to taint the poll by quoting them here. Feel free to read it and take the poll.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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04/10/2012 03:54 pm

In the beginning......Google created advertising and needed soldiers to parlay the ads. They allowed anyone and everyone that had a website to join Adsense.  First mistake.  But they needed space to show their ads.  In a normal world, this would have been a great thing - but greedy humans suck and took advantage of the situation. I noticed about 2005 that things exploded; webmasters started hiring writers for peanuts to create billions of useless pages written by everyday citizens trying to make a fast buck, who knew absolutely nothing about the topic they were writing about. Enter the year 2011 when Google basically killed many of the very webmasters who are responsible in great part for their treasure - without any warning, any guidance of why a website crashed and burned. The irony is that Google is responsible for creating this monster.  They are wrangling around the situation, touting that they want authoritative information. Is everyone really buying that????  Come on dudes, anyone who believes that the web is an authoritative source for information is an idiot. In the age of Twitter and iPhones people are seeking quick information; I think that Google is heading in the wrong direction. Where is the Google that I originally fell in love with? The one who based their search on rich content? The Google that based their ads on the content inside the page; this was supposedly the cornerstone of their ads - to match the content. But now we're seeing llamas for sale on a webpage with plumbing as the topic???  Now, anything goes?  I thought they told Overture that was how their ad format differed. That it was content-driven. IMHO Google is no longer a search engine; think about it - they are an advertising group. Also Barry, if you read this, thank you for all your reporting. I've been a fan of yours for quite some time but am always leery to speak out; I'm actually frightened of being targeted by Google for free speech. Seriously.

Eye Paq

04/11/2012 01:05 pm

Google still has a good product overall - you can still find, spot the right info. Ins ome cases is not possibile but still, there is no other source better available. They are indeed a big advertising group but the "sales" side is not running the product, the engine, the product. All actual tech teams are independent. On a macro level, they do take some calls , decision to improve the earnings but only on a really macro level. Panda for example, IMHO was as a first reason deployed to kill some competitors and rise some of the google products but overall it also cleaned up a lot of other spammy sites even if only as a "collateral damage". And Gia, come on, Google is not KGB to target you if you speak loud - that never happened and it will never happen - they are to big to care. Look around there is a lot of people that is actually speaking against google (doing also some seo so tehy can be found in google - that's the funny side) and no one is deindexing them or whatever... I think Larry did a good job as CEO but not necessarily a good job from a comercial point of view... but that is another story. If you ask a web matser and one of the google stock holders or a google employee, each one will have a different understanding on what is a "good job". Anyway.. I have to much spare time today .. don't mind my post :)


04/11/2012 02:07 pm

Larrys ultimate goal is to please investors .....end of story

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