iGoogle Rest In Peace

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igoogle tombstoneiGoogle is now officially closed, if you try to access iGoogle at google.com/ig‎ you will be redirected to the Google home page.

iGoogle launched in May 2005, which was over eight years ago. About 18 months ago, Google announced iGoogle's closure would be today, November 1, 2013. iGoogle users revolted but Google did not change course, as you can see. Last month, Google issued a thirty-day warning to iGoogle users and now it is gone.

The only thing remaining is the search listing for iGoogle, which will go away shortly as well.

iGoogle in Search

Jessica Schwartz, from Google (no relation), said in the Google Web Search Help forums today:

As we announced on the Official Google Blog nearly a year and a half ago, today we’re retiring iGoogle. Moving forward, iGoogle will redirect to www.google.com. If you’ve been using iGoogle gadgets to access information from Google products like Gmail and Finance, you can continue to do so via our new app launcher.

We know that many of you enjoyed your customized iGoogle experience, so if you’re looking for alternatives, there are some options that might fit your needs.

Since the initial closing announcement in July 2012, many people have contributed useful information to the following iGoogle threads here in the Google Search forum:
FAQ - What will happen when iGoogle closes? (Many thanks to our Top Contributor bluequoll for writing this excellent resource.)
iGoogle Alternatives Discussion - Share ideas about services similar to iGoogle.

Sincerely, The iGoogle Team

Goodbye iGoogle!

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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Stuart David

11/01/2013 02:17 pm

"Jessica Schwartz, from Google (no relation)" This tickled me! - bust those rumors before your usual readers jump on and accuse you from being a Google spokesperson or the spawn of the devil.

David Mitchell

11/01/2013 10:46 pm

Barry, have you tried www.hinto.co ? It's a sad day for iGoogle, but for it's "contenders" the story is totally different as many users are now looking for alternatives.


11/04/2013 08:04 pm

if google not will fix their search engine, soon it can be igoogle without first i.


11/05/2013 09:38 am

I moved to www.iloggo.com - nice home page and have same icons on my iPhone

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