Google: Let's Discuss iGoogle Alternatives

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iGoogle LogoIn July, Google announced they are shutting down iGoogle. We still have over a year away until that actually happens on November 1, 2013 but Google wants you all to be prepared.

Jessica from Google started and pinned a thread in the Google Web Search Help thread aimed at having iGoogle users discuss alternatives for iGoogle. She wrote:

It's come to our attention that some folks have been wanting to discuss alternatives to iGoogle. This is a thread exclusively for people to exchange ideas and experiences about the alternatives. Know that any off-topic posts will deleted, so if you wish to discuss any other aspect of iGoogle, please search the forum for the most appropriate thread and make your post there.

Thanks and have fun swapping ideas!

So go discuss? What do I think is a good alternative? I have no idea, I never really used iGoogle. But a website named has a list of alternatives over here. They have identified 88 of which 24 were evaluated, 18 were eliminated and 46 evaluations are pending. They hope to finish their exploration by the end of this year.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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Michele Alexander

10/12/2012 06:04 pm

Jessica: If you are user friendly (which I have not found you to be, even though I own Google shares). First you need to know how many people are using IGoogle. Then you need to know if they are OK with getting rid of it, in other words, poll your customers??? Have you heard of co-opting? Give us options, choices and TAKE our RESPONSES INTO CONSIDERATION in your decisions. Unilateral decisions are NOT user friendly. Thank you ( I hope I will have something to be thankful for). Michele

Sam Mbale

10/13/2012 01:13 am

I suggest Google Sites. I have started moving all my iGoogle gadgets to Google sites. Perhaps converting gadgets to andriod apps is a better choice.


10/14/2012 01:58 pm

You are probably better off leaving this on the thread itself, this is a blog post about the thread...

Joan Bauer

11/11/2012 09:52 pm

I love IGOOGLE - and today I was trying some other and LOST IGOOGLE - oh my goodness how do I get it back???? and yes, I really want to keep it - can't you reconsider shutting it down in 2013.

Peter Murray

12/15/2012 12:13 pm

iGoogle is popular with me and loads of others. So why remove it? I don't want to use a fancy phone, I want to use my PC with iGoogle.


12/20/2012 04:58 pm

I have recently discovered and really like it. Very similar to


02/19/2013 03:01 pm

first i lost my netscape, now i will lose iGoogle. I just like the one page and all the info I can consume. It allows me the opportunity to read my local and national news, read a comic or two and also get my weather and sports---it was a newspaper all on one page. But the fact that I dislike chrome, (because I have tried it and do not like it better than Firefox) and I am being FORCED to use that browser more and more by google. Whether it is on my phone/tablet/PC they always have apps that only work with chrome. I ask this what happened to the Freedom and openess on the web that google had promised. It seems like that circle of trust is getting smaller now. I like FF and have used it since its begining, I have tried all browsers and I always end up going back. Maybe someone can come up with a myFirefox, like the old netscape portal, now that would be awesome. In the meantime I found to be an acceptable alternative, so far. Google please rethink this.

John Goodlove

03/26/2013 05:23 pm

Why doesn't Google give iGoogle to us (the user community) and we will maintain and update? For instance, I would not be totally annoyed if there were a limited number of ads on my customized page. Also, each widget could contain a tiny ad.

Julie Martineau

07/17/2013 02:56 pm

I just love Igoogle, all my news and important links are there, one for each of my multiple Gmail accounts, I use it several times a day! I'm really sad that it will disappear :-(


10/07/2013 12:51 pm and Both are good also completely ad free

Ron Smith

10/22/2013 05:13 pm

Start by switching my search to Bing and moving all my shortcuts from google to the trash. Thanks Google. You were right I've outgrown YOU and your stock is WAY WAY overpriced.

Ron Smith

10/22/2013 05:14 pm

Bing desktop

William Morgan

10/24/2013 03:19 pm

Here you can see the top 10 iGoogle alternatives and get a deep information regarding each alternatives.

David Mitchell

01/02/2014 08:20 pm

Hey Barry, check out also, it's a great alternative to iGoogle! Here's my personalized homepage I created on Hinto, it makes it very easy to keep up with the latest news:

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