Protests & Hate Over Google's Olympic Charter Gay Pride Logo

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google gay olympics pride logo

Last night, as soon as Google posted their Olympic Charter logo to make a statement about the anti-gay laws in Russia, I wrote a story on the new logo.

When I woke up this morning, there were over a hundred comments, mostly hateful, angry, hurtful, and completely inappropriate. Truth is, there are these comments on dozens, if not, hundreds of other sites.

The Google search forums had dozens of threads with users who are upset about the logo. They were mostly consolidated in this one Google Web Search Help thread. Some of the comments are praising Google for standing up for gay rights but most are either hateful.

This is the one that lead it off and it is actually okay in tone but suggestive:

Hi, I am a long time Google user. I simply want to use Google search to look things up, not to have a political or ideological agenda put in my face. My request is simple, please stop using the Google Doodles for political/ideological purposes. Thank you.

But the comments get much much worse.

Of course, these are your options, since you really do not have to use Google and Google is not a public company and they don't have to listen to you or me:

If you're offended by the current doodle, here are some alternatives:

- Avoid for 24 hours.

Shut down your computer, go old school with the Dewey Decimal system and read a good book from your local library.

I am not surprised by this, normally Google's logos get controversial and of course on this topic, it will cause a lot of tension. But especially when Google pushed the message on the home page with a few lines of text, which they never do:

"The practice of sport is a human right. Every individual must have the possibility of practicing sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play." –Olympic Charter

But if you check out Google+, dominated by Googlers, the comments on the Google logo are awesome.

In any event, I suspect by tonight, the logo will talk about something else.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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02/07/2014 01:56 pm

Lots of people have been taught to hate the 'other'. As an old social system (norms and socially 'accepted' targets of fear/hate) is being reassembled, those who see their values go from the purported majority-view to the minority view of the generations that have come to follow them there is inflated backlash, anger, and fear. This time in between social norms is filled with opportunistic charlatans and the moral gate-keepers frothing up their flocks (of religious and secular type) for one last great cash grab. The fear/hate of the 'others' has always been the way to poke a hole in the wallets of those who have been taught to hate and to fear, and now that the reality is shifting, the charlatans simply do what they have always done...amp up the fear with ridiculous fantasies of an eroded moral landscape leading to the complete destruction of...something... Gay people are being recognized as no-big-deal, just a normal portion of the population encompassing the full spectrum of human traits and personalities. The clever charlatans saw this coming two or three decades ago and have been preparing their flock appropriately. Jokes at the expense of the other (gays in this case) slowly become warnings and warnings steadily become storm sirens. Once relegated to the real of weirdos and curiosities, the gay community has been advanced as the vanguard of 'moral decay' and near apocalyptic fantasy. The younger generations grew up in a world where gay wasn't a big deal. They know and accept gays in huge percentages -even many young evangelicals are for gay rights and acceptance. The moral stranglehold the old guard maintained doesn't have the majority in their grips, filling their coffers. They see the end and the wailing is loud; what it lacks in numbers is made up in irrational fantasy and fear. Their flock knows only to follow and goes down screaming with their leaders. No worries though. Time is persistent, and those which time propels into majority and leadership are singing a different tune. It is frustrating for those who just want to stop having to fight to live as any other person desires to live...but time, time is on their side. Ten, maybe twenty years at most and this becomes one more line where we as a species look back and say "that...back may have been acceptable, we can't understand how, but once most people thought..."


02/07/2014 03:12 pm

I don't "hate" gay people, but I'm so freaking sick and tired of their "in your face" strategy, now taken up by Google. Google is a public company, and if I were a stockholder, I would be peeved, since they will, without question, lose business over this, both from advertisers and folks who use their search engine and generate "clicks." I, for one, have changed my default search engine on the computers I use, since I simply don't want the co-opted rainbow staring me in the face each time I search. Gay people - what disordered things you do in the privacy of your home are no concern to me, but please keep it to yourselves and stop shoving your deviancy in my face at every turn. Thank you.


02/07/2014 03:37 pm

"disordered'; 'your deviancy'; 'in your face strategy' Maybe the gay community realized that bowing to the fear and threats of others and hiding in the closet wasn't doing anything to advance acceptance and equal rights for themselves, so they started to come out so people would be forced to realize that the gays are just like everyone else, that they aren't something to fear, and that they aren't going to stand for the unanswered bigotry which is thrown at them (both casual and overt). See those words I pulled out from your post? Ignoring the insults, how exactly are they in-your-face? A small percentage of advertising, entertainment, and media show gay people at all. Have you stopped to think that you are simply reacting to gays being portrayed like they are, as normal people who simply love others romantically that you don't happen to be attracted to and who live lives as banal and exciting as yours or mine? When I see a gay couple enjoying their time together out in public or in the media, do you know what I think? I think the same things as when I see a straight couple. And that is the entire point of being 'out'. There is more discussion of gays and gay rights at this moment because they are having to actively fight for the rights the rest of us get to enjoy. I would imagine that most gay people dream of the day when being actively 'out' doesn't need to be a movement or a demand for acceptance; when it is just who they are, human beings just like yourself. It is that way in certain parts of the world, they shouldn't have to wait for the rest of it to grow up so they can just live their damn lives. I am serious when I ask you these questions: How is simply seeing gay people represented openly in the media in-your-face? Why is a gay couple kissing or holding hands with their child 'in-your-face', but a straight couple kissing or holding hands with their child isn't? Why did my very racist grandfather say the exact same 'I don't hate, but stop shoving it in my face' about the media portraying interracial couples as normal people deserving nothing but the rights that every other couple enjoyed sounding exactly like you are?


02/07/2014 03:39 pm

lol you changed search engines because of that, not because G is destroying small business, is greedy, doesn't pay its share of taxs and its SERPS have lost the plot? Damn I can only hope Matt cuts now comes out as being the biggest gay in the village and destroys G from the inside out!


02/07/2014 03:46 pm

You're a terrible person


02/07/2014 10:31 pm

Um... Google is a Public Company GOOG.... I guess if you got really angry and had billions of dollars you short the stock into the ground....IMO

Aly Carlson

02/07/2014 10:43 pm

Thank you. As a queer woman, your comment means a lot. I used to worry about seeming "in-your-face" when I mentioned my girlfriend at work or school, and I've just recently accepted that it's no more "in-your-face" than my straight coworkers and peers talking about their significant others. Reading/hearing comments like yours does a lot to fight both external and internalized homophobia. Opening Google and seeing the LGBT colors and a quote confirming that we deserve the same rights as every other human being does too. It sucks reading that people think we're disordered or deviant. Honestly, I just want to be able to hug my gf when she meets me at the airport. I'm pretty sure that's part of a normal, average relationship!


02/07/2014 10:50 pm

Not a public company? Last I checked, Google trades on NASDAQ. Did you mean to say Google is not a publicly-owned company? Please do your research. This is very very poor writing.


02/07/2014 10:50 pm

there is no point in arguing with someone you will never change there mind. As BORN gays i think its our duty to live our life's with dignity pride bravery and be the change we want to see in the world. im fortunate to be living in California where im free but theres theres other people being killed tortured for who they are. but theres alot to be done the fight isnt over. our gay community must stick together.

Let'em Crash

02/08/2014 02:27 am

Final straw. Default settings in big software is a form a mass control. The goal is to distract people from using services. Went from Clippy poping up describing how Word is so great to write letters to Google and the gay agenda.

Sal Aprile II

02/08/2014 05:33 am

''This is the one that lead it off and it is actually okay in tone but suggestive:'' Wow, you PC zealots will tolerate no dissent, will you? A perfectly reasonable request, to not have ideologues constantly shoving everything in your face. Ideologues are the worst thing to happen to the human species, I don't care if it's you or Hitler. Shut the hell up, you pompous control freaks.

Sal Aprile II

02/08/2014 06:03 am

What doe eyed, misleading ideological garbage. If you're such a freedom fighter why don't you take your little tookus to Russia or better yet, Iran? Because here you suffer no oppression. Here we don't even have equal rights with you, as you've been put above me on the victimization hierarchy. Somebody beats me down for being a regular white male, the one who beats me, even while yelling ''cracker'' at the top of his lungs, gets a slap on the wrist and probably a record contract. Someone beats you down while daring to yell out an anti-homosexual slur and they get the maximum sentence for assault and battery, plus an extra 10 years for a ''hate crime.'' You, and all of you little special interest groups started this by talking about ''equality'', and now look at us. And this is what all of you ideologues are. Liars and hypocrites. You only cared about equality momentarily but in the end you demand complete dominance over the entire collective human psyche the world over. And many of us, without any solid political leanings of our own, hate your guts for it. I'm not a Christian or a republican, and I don't need to be. You're despicable enough in your approach to turn a Budhist pacifist into a mass murderer. And not because you're gay, black, Mexican or whatever....because you're liars and hypocrites who express a very selective outrage. And when we're completely outnumbered by the real modern day hate mongers, the new nazis, the entitlement complex-having gays, blacks and everyone'll eat each other. And in the end you'll get shoved right back in that closet because you contributed to the cycle. And all while ignoring the very real FACT that sexually, you ARE an abnormality. And that's fine. What's NOT fine is making it the nucleus of your very identity and then, in some cases, trying to shove it down children's throats and calling it ''education.'' Disgusting and absolutely unforgivable. Of all the annoying PC Zealots, watching you fall will be the funnest. I hope I live to see it. With your Stalin-esque tactics of deeming all dissent a ''phobia.'' ''Homophobia''...typical control freak BS. On the road to being a tyrant if you had a snowball's chance in hell of surviving the next 100 years as a movement. Anyone disagrees, they have a ''phobia'' and are therefore ''crazy'' and need to be institutionalized for ''reeducation.'' I don't know about Russia, but you've earned every microgram of hate you still receive here.

Patti Paz

02/08/2014 12:42 pm

When will all this madness stop? That ever increasing to be a part of the politically correct agenda. Google is a search engine, and more of course, but I don't rely or expect or want to be forced to view their politically correct positions. Enough with all this!!!

Patti Paz

02/08/2014 12:45 pm

Why is DaGeek a 'terrible person'? What was said that is so terrible? Where's YOUR tolerate? Yea, I know . . . Tolerance is only for those who agree with you!!! Enough of this MADNESS!!


02/08/2014 06:14 pm

F U, Barry the jew.


02/10/2014 12:16 pm

Google would LOVE that. Then they could buy back their own shares really cheap and then re-sell them. Investors aren't stupid enough to let the prices remain low for any real period of time.


02/13/2014 11:23 pm

How about use of the word "disordered." Did u even read the post?


02/13/2014 11:31 pm

You don't "hate" them, yet their behaviors are disordered? That sounds kinda hateful to me. I am a psychologist and there us nothing disordered about it. Just because someone runs thier life in a way that is contrary to your belief system, doesn't mean u get to label their behavior disordered. Small minded...


03/08/2014 04:08 am

All people have some attraction to the same sex. some more than others. However this does not mean that these same people are right in their using men for the reason you should be with your wife. When you do so it is called deviance. I am bi sexual although I do not practice it because I know it is wrong. it is not hate to say that you do not want the agenda shoved in your face. just like it is not hate to say that about Christianity. unless we have a double standard. and another ting about the "hate" label. If you verbally express your dislike like this gentlemen above you did in as gentle as possible manner, it is also not hate. I am sorry if this is a little convoluted to read. I have been studying for two days now with little sleep.


03/15/2014 05:49 am

And at the exact same time Google tries to promote themselves using gay rights, they tell their users to report sexual minorities just for pictures - the epitome of bigotry, hate, and hypocrisy. Why don't you talk about that?


06/03/2014 03:24 am

I like how you only got guest votes. I suppose some people are not ready to get out of the closet.

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