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google webmaster tools page download speedThere has always been a lot of talk about page speed and Google rankings. There are several tools that Google has for documenting page speed and improving it. Google even has the features in Google Analytics and had it in Webmaster Tools.

But did you know, Google will show you how long it takes GoogleBot to crawl a specific page within Google Webmaster Tools?

Matt Storms shared those details on Google+. If you go to Google Webmaster Tools, and click on the "Fetch as Google" option under the "Crawl" menu, you will have access to such data.

First, submit a page for GoogleBot to fetch. Then when you see the "success" link, click on it and it will reveal the download time in milliseconds for the page to load for GoogleBot.

Here is the link you click after you see the word "success."

GoogleBot Download Time

Here is the section that shows the download time:

GoogleBot Download Time

Very neat tip Matt!

Forum discussion at Google+.

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08/19/2013 01:56 pm

Definitely worth mentioning that this is most likely for the HTML, not all attached files/js/images etc, so only gives a very partial picture.

Patrick Sexton

08/20/2013 12:41 am

yes, this is only the download time for the html file, not any of the images, css, javascript, etc. This is not an indication of pageloading time whatsoever.

Gracious Store

08/22/2013 03:29 am

Of what relevance is knowing the time it takes Google-bot to crawl a page to webmaster, since this is not the same as the loading time of a website?

Spook SEO

01/22/2014 04:43 pm

Barry it is only the download time for the HTML only and it doesn’t include the image, video, CSS and JS to load.

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