Google's Jumbo 160th Anniversary of the First World's Fair

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Today is the 160th Anniversary of the First World's Fair, which took place in The Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, London, United Kingdom in 1851. The first one was titled "Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations".

It was the idea of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's husband. You can learn more about the World's Fair at Wikipedia.

Here is the Google logo jumbo sized, click on it to get it even larger:

click for full size

Here is how it looks when you mouse over the logo. The logo let's you look at all the festivities with a magnifying glass, with your mouse pointer.

click for full size

Here is a video of how it works:

I should note that it is also Mother's Day in Hungary, Lithuania, Mozambique, Portugal and Spain. Google has Mother's Day logos there:

click for full size

There are complaints in a thread that this logo is not more represented on other Google properties but the World's Fair logo is taking precedence.

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Paula Kiger

05/01/2011 01:19 pm

Is the magnifying glass just for fun? Any symbolism from the First World's Fair about magnifying glasses/spyglasses? Thanks!

Megan Wicker

05/01/2011 01:42 pm

The magnifying glass causes some things to become animated.


05/01/2011 01:57 pm

I love the interaction here as well as the education. I learned something new toay, and to me that is what growth is all about. Keep it up, please! Nuggets of info that make me feel smarter, in depth so you got three or four clicks out of me, and I stayed on your page longer than expected. Google has the formula.

Bill Luinetti

05/01/2011 02:03 pm

Very nice. The water fountain detail is impressive. I'm always impressed with the programming that is required to produce these imaginative visuals (I guess that it's programming!).


05/01/2011 02:04 pm

Whatever you guys do to make your logos is WONDERFUL! I look forward in amazement to all the the inventive, clever and appropriate tributes to special events that appear. Keep it up! Ignore all complaints!


05/01/2011 02:09 pm

Googels' world fair logo is fantastic! I love the the magnifying concept, the art... everything! Good Job Google and happy May Day!!

Bill Luinetti

05/01/2011 02:18 pm

I see that the magnifying glass actually creates three other animations, in addition to the fountain: I see a puff of steam and musical notes on the left side; rotating gears in a circular construct near the center; and a costumed lady in green in a right alcove. Very impressive. I waited 10 minutes just to see if the little clock in the lower right kept time. Didn't, but that's OK.

Barry Schwartz

05/01/2011 02:29 pm

Bill, thanks for the added details!


05/02/2011 02:11 am

thats so cool what google did 4 the 160th anniversary of the 1st world fair


05/02/2011 02:13 am

thats some good detils you put in there bill

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05/02/2011 08:10 am

I love this it is the most beautiful and cool what Google did for anniversary.Thanks for this.

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