5 Million Views On Google Webmaster YouTube Channel: Matt Goes Live

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Google Webmaster Help YouTube Channel Surpasses 5 Million ViewsYesterday I made the bold (sarcasm) prediction that Matt Cutts would do a live Q&A in the near future. Well, it turned out to be right.

Yesterday at about 1pm (EST) Matt Cutts of Google tweeted that the Google Webmaster YouTube Channel was just about to hit 5 million total views. Matt said "How should we celebrate?" In response to that, I said, do a live Q&A via YouTube, which Matt replied "I don't know; doing a live Q&A sounds like a lot of work, don't you think? Although that would be pure awesome." Seconds later he tweeted=:

I think we're going to try a live video stream RIGHT NOW!

And there it went, Google reached over 700 concurrent people watching the live Q&A, a total of over 1,000 users watched this live. Amazing numbers for something last minute. It aired for about two hours and Matt maybe got through a quarter of the questions submitted.

I am a bit surprised to see the live Q&A was not published yet in the archives. In fact, people are asking if it will be published in the Google Webmaster Help forum.

I secretly captured a snippet of the video where Matt spoke about Panda. Here it is:

Matt McGee was taking notes and published them at Search Engine Land.

I do suspect Google will be doing more of these live Q&A events. It worked out so well.

My favorite part was when Matt Cutts messed around with the screen sharing and video capture to make it go in an infinite loop. Here is a picture of that:

Matt Cutts Looping

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05/26/2011 12:38 pm

I found Cutt's video commentary to be informative even when approached with challenging questions. But, it still doesn't make me a believer of the Google gospel. Google ought to do better with customer support.  Matt said as much.   But he stopped far short of saying what a disaster support is.  He peppered his team with praise instead. The Achilles heel everyone should target is Google's customer service / user support. Soon we will have an industry that says "Look we aren't Google, we actually provide support".   That's a key differentiator.   Even if Google has all these eyeballs in the worlds biggest sewer.

Steven Weldler

05/26/2011 03:43 pm

It was great. I wish he would have spent more time on some real questions instead of all the fun ones.

Mike Ogbin

05/26/2011 05:03 pm

I am sure that Matt Cutts  explained much more of vague thinking that we have about Google Webmaster YouTube Channel. www.keywordelitemaster.com I am so excited to watch the video.

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