Smartphone Crawl Errors Added To Google Webmaster Tools

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Google Webmaster ToolsGoogle announced last night a new feature within Google Webmaster Tools specific for tracking crawl errors on smartphones.

There is now a new filter within the crawl errors section of Google Webmaster Tools for Smartphone errors.

Pierre Far, who is the face of Google for smartphone webmaster topics, shared on Google+ that what is provided in this report are the "common mistakes we see in smartphone-optimized sites." Now only do these errors hurt your "site's user experience" Pierre said they can "affect your site's ranking."

Here is a screen shot of the new filter in crawl errors within Webmaster Tools for Smartphone errors:

Smartphone Crawl Errors Added To Google Webmaster Tools

The errors include:

  • Server errors: A server error is when Googlebot got an HTTP error status code when it crawled the page.
  • Not found errors and soft 404s: A page can show a "not found" message to Googlebot, either by returning an HTTP 404 status code or when the page is detected as a soft error page.
  • Faulty redirects: A faulty redirect is a smartphone-specific error that occurs when a desktop page redirects smartphone users to a page that is not relevant to their query. A typical example is when all pages on the desktop site redirect smartphone users to the homepage of the smartphone-optimized site.
  • Blocked URLs: A blocked URL is when the site's robots.txt explicitly disallows crawling by Googlebot for smartphones. Typically, such smartphone-specific robots.txt disallow directives are erroneous. You should investigate your server configuration if you see blocked URLs reported in Webmaster Tools.

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Peter Nikolow

12/04/2013 03:11 pm

I think that lot of persons in web still underestimate the power of mobile users. This change finally split traffic sources as desktop and mobile because they simply can't fit into same category. So far biggest problem is that there are no tools for viewing site on all devices. Even if you view site on device you can't see all issues - there is no Firebug or Developer tools on them. That's why testing website with different user agents is only way to reproduce all issues that they may see.


12/04/2013 11:28 pm

Good stuff. It's one thing to read about good practices for mobile, its another to carry it out. Now if you do have a fat-fingered moment, you'll have some help in figuring it out.

Ricky Ponting

12/05/2013 06:40 am

This is a good news.

Vijayakumar Raju

12/06/2013 09:10 am

Its a nice one, but still i face some problems with this error page results.

Daniel Benny Simanjuntak

12/08/2013 05:37 pm

Fantastic! I just used the new tool! Thanks for the improvement.

Nathaniel Bailey

12/09/2013 01:47 pm

I presume this should be under "Crawl > Crawl Errors" correct? Well I don't see it, I still see the same old WMT, nothing new like in the screenshot above and on other sites about this update :(

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