Matt Cutts Asking For Google Webmaster Tools Feedback

Nov 22, 2013 • 8:21 am | comments (10) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

google webmaster tools feedbackThis is your opportunity to give Google your two-cents on the features and issues you have with Google Webmaster Tools.

I blew up about it the other day where I asked in a nice way for Google to add a feature named automated actions to Google Webmaster Tools. Will it happen? I think it is more complex that I am making it out, so I doubt it. But if you agree, make sure Google and Matt Cutts know you want this feature.

If you don't want it, fine. Just make sure you tell Matt Cutts and his team what features you want.

Matt posted the request on his personal blog asking you to leave comments with the features or changes you want made to Webmaster Tools. He said they will use it for brainstorming and possibly build some of those features in 2014 - but not guaranteed.

Matt's blog only has 125 comments or so, so go flood it with ideas.

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Daniel Sanchez

11/22/2013 03:02 pm

Yeah, I was pretty surprised also that he had such a small amount of people giving suggestions. I would have thought he would have been inundated with suggestions by now. I covered this yesterday, go check it out ( ) and give suggestions everyone, it's for our benefit!


11/22/2013 03:10 pm

Sure, this is how I want to spend my day - working on the Google products for free and watching, in the same time, how Google doesn't pay respect to my products


11/22/2013 04:07 pm

Showing links to your site that were removed a year ago is a really useful feature. Oh, I just noticed that´s what they show now. I know Matt, how about you make it useful INSTEAD OF a little snap shot of this and a little snap shot of that. If I wanted a little snap shot of this and a little snap shot of that I could just guess. Oh, that´s what WMT forces me to do now so no benefit there.


11/22/2013 04:53 pm

AWESOME! I've put my name, email and website and a comprehensive list of suggestions... ... I hit the send button... ...this message came up: "Sorry, but our system has recognised you as a spammer. If you believe this to be an error, please contact us so that we can rectify the situation." I love you Google (Matt)!


11/22/2013 04:55 pm

In google speak... spammer = small business.


11/23/2013 04:06 pm

instantly updated list of automatic penalties (panda, penguin, etc). NOT LESS than it!

Screw Google

11/23/2013 07:23 pm

Fool's errand. This will do absolutely no good when Google is out to destroy any non-paying website.

Gracious Store

11/25/2013 01:47 am

I'll send Matts my 2 cent what of suggestion, hopefully he will give it a thought

Spook SEO

01/02/2014 06:37 am

Oh really like this kind of way. We can definitely express our suggestions and issues for just spending a small amount. Thanks Barry for your nice post.


04/20/2014 12:43 pm

"Sorry, but our system has recognised you as a spammer.", a message I got when replying on Matt Cutts blog and I have never spammed. Google has turned to shit.

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