Google Launches Webmaster Academy

May 22, 2012 • 8:37 am | comments (6) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

Google Webmaster AcademyGoogle has launched a new resource named Webmaster Academy.

This is a resource to teach small businesses the basic of how Google search works, ranks content and how they can improve their web sites.

Vanessa from Google Places Help said this is what to expect:

  • An explanation of how Google Search works
  • How best to represent a brick and mortar business online
  • An introduction to Search Engine Optimization

There is some pretty useful beginner content on the Google Webmaster Academy so check it out and recommend it to some newbies.

Forum discussion at Google Places Help.

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05/22/2012 01:27 pm

It's a good idea and long over due.


05/22/2012 02:00 pm

Perfect idea. WebmasterWorld's SEO ( = algo cracking ) must die.

Kim Tyrone Agapito

05/22/2012 03:05 pm

I've seen this as early as March O_O

Scott Krager

05/22/2012 04:14 pm

I think it's great that Google itself is trying to dispel the myth that SEO is evil. It seems like for years that's what they thought, it's great to see them coming out and supporting an industry that often helps their result sets.


05/23/2012 12:29 pm

Actually I think they are trying to clean the industry not supporting it. I see the Academy as a way ti underline the guidelines - make the guidelines more "visibile" so SEOs and webmasters will have a harder time to game the serps (in front of management and / or clients(. I don't think Google is / was against SEOs in general but let's be honest, 90% of SEOs are trying to game in on google algo and move pages and sites up in serps that don't deserve to be there.

Spook SEO

01/22/2014 02:42 pm

Hi Barry, That’s totally positive news from Google. SEO and Google could blend productively and this is one way of doing it. Learning how Google works could also educate a lot of people including wannabe SEOs who just do their stuff without understanding what Google really is all about. Anyway, thanks for sharing this update.

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