Google Places Bug: Videos Go Missing

May 14, 2012 • 8:32 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Maps

Google MapsYet another Google Maps bug to report but to be fair, they might all be related - this one is of the videos not showing on Google Maps/Places landing pages for businesses.

A Google Places Help thread has confirmed reports from Google on the bug. Vanessa from Google Maps team said:

Thanks, guys! So this might be related to the bug from last week — we're pushing out a more permanent fix for that one Thursday/Friday. I'd like to check back in end of day Friday to see if these videos are back up. (So don't touch anything in your account, just sit tight.) And then if that doesn't work, I'm gonna do an edit > submit on some of your listings, Susan, and Linda if you have some examples, see if the videos come back by Monday. And from there I'll check back in on next steps.

As far as I can tell by scanning some examples and the forum thread, the bug is still not fully fixed.

Google Places Video Missing

I think Google is working really hard on the underlining bugs with Google Maps/Places and when they do their new release (who knows when), I am hopefully the number of bugs will drop drastically.

Forum discussion at Google Places Help.

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Linda Buquet

05/14/2012 04:07 pm

I think just some of the listings in that post were fixed. I believe videos are missing on most if not all Place pages, unless you maybe just posted a new one. All my clients are missing and I've checked lots of competitive key phrases where most Places are well optimized and have vids and no one has videos. Vanessa is checking with engineers today and should have an update. Linda

Jim Froling

05/15/2012 05:15 am

First, Mike Blumenthal's article on what to tell clients when their reviews go AWOL (see: Now videos that go "over the wire". Google starting to remind me of a carnival magician, "Now you see it. Now you don't!".


05/15/2012 09:29 am

must read.. google places bug: videos go missing.

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