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Google Quality Rating GuidelinesJennifer Slegg reports that Google has completely revamped the Google Quality Rating Guidelines, which is used for Google contractors to manually review search results and send that feedback to Google's team to improve the overall algorithm.

The Quality Rating Guidelines have been leaked several times in the past.

Jennifer didn't post the document but claims that this is a "a brand new version, rewritten from the ground up, so it isn’t just a refresh of the old one." She said this new version was released a few months ago and is version number five of the guidelines.

She explained the major change is that in this document, "Google is now putting a high emphasis on sites that are considered to have a high level of expertise, authoritativeness or trustworthiness." This is known as EAT, expertise, authoritativeness or trustworthiness, within the document.

Jennifer summarizes the document on her blog. Again, I do not have a copy of this, so I cannot share it with you.

In a WebmasterWorld thread, one member tries to break down EAT:

EXPERTISE - Fame? (Everyone in his area knows who the person is?) - Accomplishments? (I did this, I did that. Braggadocio?) - Published works? (Piled Higher and Deeper?) - Large body of work? (Can't dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with BS?) - Uncontroversial? (Universally respected - never sticks their neck out?)

AUTHORITATIVENESS - IQ Test results? Mensa membership? - College? - Degree? - GPA? - Past job titles? - Current Employer? - Current job title?

TRUSTWORTHINESS - Web Rep? (No John Doe $ucks pages?) - Email address? (Is a graphic still OK to avoid harvesters?) - Contact page link on every page? (pound accessibility into them?) - Physical address required? (or just snail-mail address, PO Box) - Telephone number? (Is a graphic still OK to avoid harvesters?) - Privacy policy?

Anyone have a copy of this new document?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

Update: Here is a link to view the new guidelines on

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07/10/2014 01:04 pm

CNN "Prostitute killed Google exec with heroin" Terrible - Feel bad for the guy and his family

Barry Schwartz

07/10/2014 01:05 pm

what does this have to do with the post here?

Yo Mamma

07/10/2014 01:08 pm

Deleting it - Oops its back - Shucks - Whats with that? PS> She used Google search to try get out of it reports say. HA, she chose Google over BING, should make them happy


07/10/2014 01:26 pm

Barry: Can you please post a story about how people feel about the quality of Google Search results post Panda 4.0. Because over hundreds of searches I'm seing increasingly strange results and throughout the web people are reporting the same from: 1. Long Standing Sites suddenly going missing from the results. 2. Revelations that lost half its traffic on June 29th. Why? 3. Double Wikipedia articles being the top 2 results for many searches. 4. eBay being walloped no public word about why. So Metafilter is important enough for a fix but not eBay. 5. Matt Cutts sudden departure during an especially volatile period for the Algo. 6. eCommerce, Coupon, Legal and now Insurance industry sites being pummeled. 7. Google suddenly not able to display movie showtimes. 8. Silly stuff like putting in "How To Make French Toast' will give a knowledge graph answer from Instructables that will not teach you how to make French Toast as all! 9. "In-depth Articles" in Universal Search being completely irrelevent to my search intent. 10. results coming up for no reason at all except somewhere in your query a companies name was used. This does not seem like an Algo change. It feels more like someone broke something. Also I note for the first time I've noticed that Bing results are wildly different for the same terms compared to Google and frankly they seem a lot better. Searching "How to Make French Toast" on Bing provides me with three results that do just that. That same search on Google is just comedic at best. In the past Bing simply followed Google's lead. That does not seem to be the case anymore.

Barry Schwartz

07/10/2014 01:27 pm

Show me a thread that I can reference.

Yo Mamma

07/10/2014 01:39 pm

When I search for "crushed nuts" G$$Gle is so eager to promote their YOUTUBE that they place as #1 "Guy gets his balls crushed" - Shame on Google


07/10/2014 01:41 pm!categories/webmasters/crawling-indexing--ranking{%22filter_home_chart%22:{%22fxch%22:%22organicpaidvisibility%22}}

Barry Schwartz

07/10/2014 01:43 pm

I covered the update at


07/10/2014 01:49 pm

Barry, she's asking for a post on people feelings about the overall quality of Google "search results" Post Panda 4. Its something that no one has touched on and considering the poor results I'm seeing I think someone should cover it.

Barry Schwartz

07/10/2014 01:50 pm

I’ll try to dig into it next week, likely not tomorrow.


07/10/2014 03:32 pm

For the most part I still see yelp clogging the top spots for service industries, glassdoor is popping up more and more. Too many updates confused skynet, I mean google. Look into the 30 day hold on new sites, a new anti spammer block.


07/10/2014 03:42 pm

That's personalized search at work. Google knows what YOU want to see.

Si Senior

07/10/2014 04:55 pm

Google doesn't like the French

F1 Steve

07/10/2014 08:45 pm

Ah google employees, elite filth that even with all the money in the world have to pay for sex because they lack personality and sex appeal! I would rather die than pay someone to have sex with me but I don't share the same moral high ground as a google CEO! I'm sure there are plenty of google jackals waiting to fill his shoes! Hopefully he has got to the afterlife and realised his google position means jack squat!

Steve Toth

07/11/2014 12:08 am

Here's the actual doc everyone:

Saijo George

07/11/2014 02:03 am

thanks dude, anyone managed to download this ?

fadshgfjghlkj;lkh; ;

07/11/2014 02:41 am

if you search for "Google sucks" you get about 121,000,000 results via Google search


07/11/2014 03:59 am

It's becoming really silly right now as far as I'm concerned. I agree that many eCommerce sites are dropping like flies recently. This is one of the threads on Google Product forums that I stumbled upon that reinforces some of the points you made.!category-topic/webmasters/crawling-indexing--ranking/jgJY98MnBnE[226-250-false] People are being driven to paranoia and never ending guessing games.

Miroslav Pavlov

07/11/2014 11:19 am

EAT sites = seed sites - correct?

Miroslav Pavlov

07/11/2014 11:26 am

hahaha LOL


07/11/2014 11:52 am

Jennifer Slegg updated the blog with link to document -

Barry Schwartz

07/11/2014 11:53 am

I reviewed these and no, no one is complaining about the quality - the complaints about their own sites not ranking. Can you send me specific threads filled with complaints?


07/11/2014 11:53 am

oops sorry here is the proper link -

Barry Schwartz

07/11/2014 11:54 am

I also covered ebay I cover a lot of these stories you mentioned above here or at Search Engine Land.

Barry Schwartz

07/11/2014 11:55 am

I added the link here a couple hours after I posted the story.


07/11/2014 12:06 pm

What the hell are you even talking about?

F1 Steve

07/11/2014 01:12 pm

Yo Mamma

07/11/2014 02:57 pm

I try to be respectful of the dead Steve. All that they did or didn't do is now gone forever. The children suffer for the sins of the fathers

F1 Steve

07/11/2014 03:59 pm

Any thoughts my love?

Yo Mamma

07/11/2014 04:35 pm

WHAT SHE IS SAYING is that Google is now the major sensor of all the internet. This is why search engines must go bye bye. Who gave Goofle the right to sensor and hide information? Nobody. Shut them down All this stuff is pointless drivel because small businesses have now only 1 option to appear in searches and that is aDWORDS

Yo Mamma

07/11/2014 04:41 pm

Notice how Goofle value jumps up after 2012. This is after their great Silverstein left and Goofle started forcing small businesses into ADWORDS.


07/11/2014 05:51 pm

goofle (n.) or (v.) etymology: a portmanteau of google and goof 1. a text string mistakenly submitted to a search engine with typos or otherwise misspelled words I thought you did the G$$Gle thing? I miss that so much.

F1 Steve

07/11/2014 06:25 pm

I was expecting you to cry me a river? I Dunno why but you strike me as a corporate shill who only has sympathy for the 'haves'! I hope I'm wrong cos f1 Steve is for the underdog only?!


07/11/2014 08:18 pm

Google uses Bing as their "search engine" example on page 9. Classic.

F1 Steve

07/12/2014 12:38 pm

True, I do feel sorry for the children but not a man who spends enough cash on drugs and hoes in a single night be feed a starving African village for the week! I have zero sympathy for people who o d on class a drugs, only the family they leave behind!

Durant Emboldened

07/12/2014 03:37 pm

You are one big reporter!! Where do you get these from sire - Google search?

F1 Steve

07/12/2014 06:14 pm

Am I the only one who missies Durante spamboden? I feel something is missing in my life? For year I could count in Durante passing spam judgement on me g For jus reading this forum? Now he had gone thanks to yo mummy pointing out his personal like network, bout it seems to easy? Sure he still posts under 'editorial guy ' on emergency but it isn't the same , he has list the judgement that made him the no nonsense man we knew him to be?! Durante no follow you personal link network and regains your position here as the ultimate non spamming bad ass! I mis ur judgment, forget that mat cutts is away so can't note your google defence and get back her to reclaim the moral high ground we all aspire to be!!!! Miss u dan !

Durante jr

07/12/2014 06:19 pm

I miss Durante as well! Come back Durante I need to feel shut about myself!!!!!!

David Watkinson

07/13/2014 10:54 am

It is indeed very sad when anyone passes away, especially when it was during such a fruitless venture. However, it seems from what I have read that the heroin may not have been used just to kill him. She is only accused of possibly injecting him. Could the news that a Google Executive used heroin explain the messed up search results of late? It seems to me that he may have been a user. I dont understand how you could be injected by someone and not do something about it or react. Make no mistake, this is still very sad. Wife without husband, children without father.

David Watkinson

07/13/2014 10:57 am

The guidelines are 160 pages long! Holy hell that's a lot of bedtime reading. Will this be rolled out to include an update on best practices for Google? Is this leak legal or are these pages confidential? If the guide is copyrighted, couldnt you be punished for linking to copyrighted material? It states on the document "Proprietary and Confidential". AND have you seen the file name? It is "233405013-CCarter-Over-You-Peasants-Jacks-Google-Guidelines-Version-5-0.pdf" What on earth does that mean? I assume it is the username of a website admin as he claims his nickname is (one of many) "CCarter / CC Over You Peasants". You can see this on the following link: Can we be sure that this is actually from google and not fake? How did Jennifer Slegg obtain the document? Surely if this is real and it is "Proprietary and Confidential" someone has broken the law and likely their contract with Google be they employees or subcontractors.


07/14/2014 03:48 pm

Nope. It's pay gated after page 3.

Mike Weaver

07/14/2014 06:57 pm

I just surprised that Jennifer Slegg was actually able to write an article based on her own thoughts for once, instead of stealing Barry's content and rehashing it for Search Engine Watch like she normally does.

Barry Schwartz

07/14/2014 06:58 pm

She is no longer at Search Engine Watch.

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