Updated: New Panda Refresh? Google Update Happening...

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Google UpdateThere is a lot of chatter in the forums including WebmasterWorld and random Google Webmaster Help threads starting yesterday and this morning about significant changes to the Google search results.

I am seeing a lot of individual complaints that sites that showed up yesterday no longer show up. The folks at WebmasterWorld are claiming that the search results landscape has changed for the SERPs they track.

One webmaster said:

Seeing a fairly big change in the SERPS in the last 24 hours, however even though positions are down for us traffic is up 30%.

Have you seen changes? I am not sure if this would be considered a Panda refresh or just a general update or nothing at all. I am going to ping Google to see if they can give me more information.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld and random Google Webmaster Help.

Update: Google told me there is no Panda update happening right now. Nor is there a data refresh. I am not sure why so many people are seeing changes to the search results, when Google told me it is not Panda, nor is it anything else on their end.

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Mário Luan

03/15/2012 01:23 pm

I do have seen changes in googles's brazilian SERP for one of my websites. I'm going to wait until the next month to see what  happens.

Alex Genadinik

03/15/2012 01:40 pm

I have a site comehike.com which got penalized in June. I cleaned it up by August to be in top shape according to Google rules, and still no recovery.   If anyone has advice or something they notice about the site, kindly let me know what might still be wrong with the site which might be causing the site to remain penalized. PS - the original problem with the site was many pages with thin content which I took out right away.

Agência Macan

03/15/2012 01:52 pm

Yesterday we posted on our twitter about some changes that we noted in the SERP's Brazilian. In some niches (especially SEO) there was a dance and some quite remarkable recent areas were affected.


03/15/2012 02:37 pm

not sure how much european traffic you get, but a lot of people have switched away from Google and use other search engines now since the recent privacy thing. Could that have something to do with it?

Nicola Zanon86

03/15/2012 02:37 pm

I haven't seen changes in italian's SERP yet. There are still websites in the top positions that, let's say, they're not following the webmaster guidelines. So, go Panda go!

Michael Copeland

03/15/2012 02:40 pm

Interesting, I'll have to have a run-down today to see which of my sites got hit with any change.


03/15/2012 03:05 pm

I noticed yesterday at least 10 our sites jumped to page one for some highly competive keywords.  Today a few remain on page one, but most dropped downward, still a little higher than before.  I will be watching this closely and look forward to more information. 

professional seo company

03/15/2012 03:46 pm

I have not seen any changes for some sites i manage. Maybe the update process is still continuing. Need to keep a watch on this. 

Ricky Shah

03/15/2012 04:39 pm

I haven't seen any drastic change in SERP. There is no loss of ranking either. 


03/15/2012 05:15 pm

Nope, no drastic movements. Down may be 5% or so but from what I can see that's just Google playing with local results trying to push it up


03/15/2012 05:32 pm

I just wrote a post about this at http://philadelphiaseohop.com/googleupdatefreshnessfactor31512/ i think it is about freshness


03/15/2012 07:05 pm

My blogs in the spanish world have reduced 10% in visits since las night.

cheap seo

03/15/2012 07:08 pm

yes, I also see lots of changes.

Roman Prokopchuk

03/15/2012 07:41 pm

I've seen a significant drop in many of my clients.  It seems many former high ranking keywords are now associated as an informative search and top SERP results are now replaced with informative sites .  I have noticed also geo targeted keywords have been decentralized even when location is specified in that geo top results are now replaces with similar named cities and towns in different states. 

Clip and Ping

03/15/2012 10:40 pm

No change for us

Clip and Ping

03/15/2012 10:40 pm

Actually showing some improvement across the board!

Michael Cropper

03/15/2012 11:14 pm

Hi Alex,  Have a look at some of the different strategies to recover from Panda http://www.michaelcropper.co.uk/2012/02/ultimate-guide-to-the-google-panda-algorithm-821.html#pandarecovery


03/16/2012 03:28 am

http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.comehike.com%2F&charset=%28detect+automatically%29&doctype=Inline&group=0 You  have some pretty bad code - possible parsing errors but definitely no declaration  in the header - best to start with a foundation of clean code

Cheap Cars For Sale

03/16/2012 05:40 am

After Feb.27 update, big changes, unfortunately, no good changes.

Joakim Nilsson

03/16/2012 07:18 am

That's not Matt Cutts.


03/16/2012 07:55 am

 But it made me giggle ;-)

Nathaniel Bailey

03/16/2012 08:48 am

 That might not be Matt Cutts but it sure as hell was funny :) Plus s/he is getting some likes for the funny reply so its a much better reply then the real Matt Cutts could have given us lol. Anyway back on topic. I believe google when they say this is not a panda update, I think its simple people seeing more local results as google have changed the serp's (the bit on the left) to auto fill your location. So people might want to check that's not local and change it to their country to see true results! Now how many people will reply back with "Doh! How did I miss that one!" lol


03/16/2012 10:06 am

Matt, my site was penalized by the "too many ads" update and it has not recovered. I removed all ads the same week it happened. Do you have a video about this?

Joakim Nilsson

03/16/2012 10:46 am

Agree. Hilarious :D

Bill Sebald

03/16/2012 02:43 pm

They've been nuking - not just penalizing - a lot of thin and auto blog sites in the last week.  Some of the big blog networks lost a huge chunk of their inventory.  I had a few play sites nuked.   So far this is the busiest Google's natural search has ever been in a 3 month span.


03/16/2012 09:33 pm

why my blog not change  since google update?i just see drop down SERP result


03/16/2012 09:35 pm

since was latest google update  not just my result in search engine my pagerank to...it's was so drop down


03/18/2012 09:17 am

Okay.. Someone explain this one. I have a national client that I've been link building for over 2 years consistently. The client has ~23,000 backlinks, most of which are at least decent quality. The site was ranking #2-4 on the main 2 keywords, and around #5-6 on 2 other secondaries. Today I notice that it's completely gone from the main 2 keyword SERPS. When I say gone I'm talking completely GONE.. Not even in the top 500. Oddly, 1 secondary keyword survived (ranks #10), and 1 local keyword ranks in the Maps (A position). Otherwise I only noticed a few #1 sites dropped to #2, but nothing drastic besides this one client I've been working with for years. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks, J

Webstats Art

03/18/2012 05:11 pm

1. Downsize Blogs 2. Introduce your own blog (Google Plus)

Prajakta Nagore

03/22/2012 09:41 am

Thats the Google Dance isn't it??

Mohammad Shadab

03/23/2012 08:44 am

Today I have seen some effects of my SERP's up. Is there any news for data refresh.

M. Qasim @ Win 8 Mods

03/23/2012 01:40 pm

I am also seeing some change in my search engine traffic for my blog windows8mods.con .Anyone else here have the same problem???


03/23/2012 06:18 pm

@ techgo17  I see the same thing as well.


03/24/2012 10:36 am

no anything assume. google changes 500+  in year. just follow google guideline.


03/25/2012 03:24 am

Today 3/23 -- Google did just tweet that a new panda refresh rolled out. About 8 days after this article ran. I think the update on the 15th may have been freshness related, if there was any update at all.


03/28/2012 07:48 am

google honeymoon, on page and who wrote it probably would be a significant factor

Keep It Personal Gifts

03/28/2012 08:47 am

Our google hit rate has dropped by at least 40% since 23rd March, some keywords we actively monitor has dropped 3 or 4 positions and sales have dropped :( UK Based.


03/29/2012 12:43 pm

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04/03/2012 05:49 am

Its obvious they have done something regarding panda.  They also changed Google Local so there are no longer any real time updates and at the same time are promoting Google AdWords Express and Google Engage and giving SEO companies $100 coupons like its candy. If you watch closely my theory is that this summer there will be a rather large update to how they rank websites organically. Google is trying to capitalize on their own market share. I mean its there search engine after all, what can we really do?

Professional SEO Company

05/04/2012 05:55 am

Once your website is optimized and you start to show in SERP's first page, you will increase your site's credibility as high-ranking websites are those with the best reputation for they are the ones with quality content and have consistent promotion so consumers tend to trust them more.

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