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Google TrendsGoogle announced they have added a new section to Google Trends named Top Charts.

This new feature shows you by category what is trending now. Google said this new top charts feature will, by category, show you "not just what's most searched overall, but what's spiking compared with usual search volumes."

Here is a screen shot of the celestial objects and sports cars section on what is trending there:

Google Trends Top Charts

You can share these easily on Google+, Twitter or Facebook or embed them on your blog as so:

You can also see the past thirty days of trends and improved the filters and options in the navigation.

So give it a try, it may come in handy for marketers.

Forum discussion at Google+ and WebmasterWorld.

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09/16/2013 03:12 pm

I'm upset no-one searched for Uranus ;) (Don't tell us you didn't know this joke was coming Barry ;) )

duncan colman

09/16/2013 03:43 pm

Just United States Trends...dissapointing!

Jitendra Vaswani

09/16/2013 03:48 pm

Google Trends is one of the best and most versatile tools available for developing a marketing campaign.

Andy Kuiper - SEO Analyst

09/16/2013 04:57 pm

This is a nifty feature - thanks Barry :-)

Yogita Aggarwal

09/17/2013 03:17 am

This Update in Google Trend seems very nice. Lets try it out: :)

Soni Sharma

09/17/2013 06:48 am

Good to see categorized data of trends.

Sita Gabriel

09/17/2013 08:11 am

Only for USA, disappointing.


09/19/2013 02:55 am

You can sit on your desk and gauge the number of people interested in something at an particular point in time

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