What's Happening At The Google Top Contributor Summit

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Google Top Contributor SummitAs some of you know, Google is holding their first top contributor summit this week, flying in non-Googlers who help Google in the forums from all around the world.

By now, the two day event is over and personally, I was wondering what took place. I am sure they met a lot of Googlers, toured the GooglePlex, got some nice schwag and learned about some new features. Plus, I am sure they talked about things and issues with Google.

John Mueller posted a picture of Pierre Far on Google + holding a top contributor web search sign. But most of the action can be found not on Google + but rather following the hashtag on Twitter @TCSummit.

@andrea_moro said, "on the google bus heading for a campus tour. And yen the bus a wi-fi connection on board. That's what we need in London too."

@LeMousse2009 said, "great i just won an award from Google Adwords."

@bizwriter wrote about a "social event" taking place.

@beussery posted a picture of one of the panels that took place.

click for full size

But outside of that, I do not know much else of what went on at the event.

Top Contributors, want to share?

Forum discussion at ... oh, wait, all the TCs are busy, so no forum discussion? Nah, Google +.

Update: Google posted a recap blog post on this and John has some more information on his Google + profile.

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Manoj Gupta

09/16/2011 07:34 am

Nice Information.....

Kim Clinkunbroomer

11/20/2011 04:30 pm

Hi Barry,  Sorry, I am a bit late on the comment ;) Yes, we toured the GooglePlex, got some schwag, met many many Googlers, and met many other Top Contributors from around the globe. Day two we segmented off into our own product groups (mine is AdWords) and met with Google VP's, and more Googlers.  We also met with AdWords Products Managers to discuss product recs, and provided constructive advice on the current AdWords Product .  We alos saw demos of possible new AdWords features (all under NDA of course :)  and had a nice awards ceremony to recognize AdWords Top Contributors who have gone above and beyond. We discussed Google AdWords Community on the AdWords Help Forum, the success of the current community and what lies ahead for the future.It was an excellent time and really awesome to put faces with the names and voices of the people I have gotten to know over the years and I hope Google has us back again soon.

Marek Karcz

12/16/2012 03:10 am

And again. :-D I'm on a picture! :-D

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